29 June, 2010

Knight and Day

Knight and Day

Roy Miller & June
watch this yesterday with pei shan , siew sin and yong ~~

My 榴莲綿冰 in Honeymoon

& siew sin's 芒果绵冰

Late birthday present from ji mui ,
they actually remember XD
you !!!

27 June, 2010

small gathering for 5C =)

The organizer , Gin Leon was late ,
left us waiting infront of GSC ~
the grateful thing was the movie haven't start when we entered the cinema ,
only advertisement showing ,
but u know the advertisement for 3D is nice to watch!!
We missed it >.<
yeah , we was watching 3D Toy Story 3 !!
Its so nice !! I like the part when Buzz turned into Spanish mode , hell funny!!

After the movie , We went to Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant ,
it make me so full ><
cant even finished the chips !!

Pictures of the Day =)
from the left : Gin , Priya , Kelly , Pi han and Fel (me)_

the camera man is chun kit XD

Supper in Murni

ever since i back from Redang ,
this is the first time people save my life and rescue me from the HOUSE !!!
I am bored to death and only into dramas on my PC ~~
Thank GOD !!
david was asking me out with kah kit , tian and weslie !
It was enough for me to see yu tian keep hitting KK ,
It makes me feel like we are back to the old times ~

I had my supper in Murni with them ,
managed to finish 3 club sandwiches by myself !!
I need to gained weight !! ngek ngek XD

25 June, 2010

Redang Trip

3D2N -20 june to 23 june
This is the first time I am in Redang !!
I went with my coursemate and the badminton president aka tiff hubby XD :
Brian , Tiff , Jacky , Liling , Mei Shan , Blonde , Sean , Shaun , Chun ee, Chun hau and chew yong yong ~~
Having fun in there ~
the feeling in the sea swimming together with the fish ~
hope we can be in the same class next sem ^.^

17 June, 2010

first day and the second day for holiday

First day
Out with Mum and Sis to Curve and IKANO,
See something lovely there

Second day
Out with ji mui to Pyramid !!
went to redbox and watch Prince of Persia!!
like the movie
but feel like not enough for singing !!

15 June, 2010


2 weeks of exam ,
finally its Over now!
However ,
I DAMN seriously worry for the T8 results !
I wan to graduate for CAT!!!! PRAY HARD!! GOD HELP ME!!!