29 July, 2009

Sudden Attack >.<

Today my sick is getting worse leh...
my sound change liao...
have to keep coughing to change it back...
haiz.. why?? Doushite??
I'm having T3,T5,T4 class .. 8.00am until 5.15pm.. can die liao..
I've realise many ppl getting flu, cough and fever and even in my class got 6 ppl ( me, hjheah, wei hong, jason, chun hau) having the same sickness too included Ms.grace(T3 lecturer)...
Suk ling, tze yong and siew sin starting to hav flu too...
haiyo... H1N1 really makes me worry leh..
In the middle of Ms.Wong(T5 lecturer) teaching, she suddenly coughing..
She told us Not to spread the germs to her..
but we also cant see the virus with our naked eye... what to do??
During the break.. many ppl are very tired and i think it is because of the sickness..

At the morning 9:13am, T3 class ...during the 10 minutes short break.. all rot d...

At the afternoon 1.13pm, T4 class... 10 minutes break too... whole class fall on their table...

woah... mei shan has a good immune system..

P.S seriously dont know what can Happen next.. maybe Mr.Teoh Needs to postpone our PT1 and close the college.. i also saw jolyn, yu tian, and jackie blogs too.. all of them having the same symtoms..God Bless us ALL!

Anti for fried food .. >.<

Yesterday was having whole day class again until 5.30pm something...

I feel not well when i was at home.. keep coughing and sore throat...

maybe got infected by my sis coz she having high fever ...

keep skeptical about her getting H1N1... but the clinic doctor said its a common fever..

somemore i saw a news in Tv and said that a guy(46) die in subang jaya hospital due to H1N1...

omg.. its really worried me..

After having T6 class,

we went to FRIDAY restaurant in sunway pyramid.. dont know who ideas is this ...

2 Main course + 2 appetizers + 2 fruits drinks+ 4 mineral water:
(Fish and chips+ sizzling chicken), (boneless wings+cheese ball), 2 watermelons, 4 mineral water..

Shot 1>>( pei shan, siew sin, me(fel), suk ling and tze yong)

Shot 2>>( pei shan, siew sin, me(fel), suk ling and tze yong)

Shot 3>>( pei shan, siew sin, tze yong, me(fel) and suk ling)

Shot 4>> ( pei shan,me(fel), suk ling,siew sin)

Shot 5>>( pei shan, siew sin, me(fel), suk ling and tze yong)

Finally cant stand for it anymore, my mom bring me and my sis to clinic again..

the doctor gave me antibiotic... omg.. the taste is sucks !

P.S. cant post this yesterday coz feel really not well after visited the doctor ..

25 July, 2009

The Science of Survival Exhibition in Sains Negara

Woke up late in the morning..
luckily my dad remember to wake me up..
rushed to yee kuan hse immediately without having my breakfast..
very hungry but no appetite to eat...
Yee kuan's dad drove us to Pusat Sains Negara ...
this is the second time i came here.. .
dont remember when was the last time..
the entrance ticket cost rm4 per person and rm12 per person for 2050 survival exhibition...
we had took a lot of pic..

refer to this link >

It was a fun and adventurous visitation indeed..
but i think they should upgrade the facilities and tools in there...
as some of it were not working...

24 July, 2009

Discussion for CSB homework in Mcd...

MS- we have form a group for presentation =.=
Group name : 4G3B ... what mean?? 4 gals 3 boys lol.. lame or not??

The driver of the day- yong yong...

our pic look like F4 leh.. haha...

McD again leh.. scare of it le..

I am in the car..

23 July, 2009

Total Solar Eclipse 2009

the process of the forming of solar eclipse

~Video here~

p.s:i am not superstitious but i heard that eclipse is a bad sign ..

22 July, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter

Hermione Granger

Professor Albus Dumbledore

Draco Malfoy and Professor Severus Snape

I watched it on 19 July ^^
many ppl give bad comments..
but i am the supporter! XD

21 July, 2009

My New Handphone..

LG KP500 Cookie

Finally change my handphone 2 days ago...

still learning to use the touchscreen..

although its not the one i want the most,

i am satisfied with my new hp now ^^

The Touchscreen Generation

Ms Grace replacement class on 21/7

zzz... very tired now...
can u imagine the exhaustion when u hav class until 9.30 pm at night??

18 July, 2009

Bon Odori Festival in SeLangor,Malaysia


what a poser =.="

the stage in the stadium the event held

japanese gals in yukata/kimono?


isnt it too exaggerating ?

forgot take pic for udon and takoyaki...

Lol.. wakaka..

p.s: it was fun yesterday...
it reminds me of secondary school life..
long time dint go out at night d... haha..

17 July, 2009

My First BB cream..

yeah!!!!! Finally i've received my KOREA Legere BB cream ...
i also got to know this brand from 女人我最大 show and shop in Midvalley..

14 July, 2009

All The Shopaholic ! Attention!

2009 Mega Sales

Shop till u Drop! The mega sales is on 4 July- 31 August 2009

right click your mouse to view images on a new tab..
it will give u a better view..

P.S : hope the person will bank in my salary as fast as possible.. XD
I am not 敗家女 >.<

12 July, 2009

Last day of working T.T

Finally Its Over !!
Today was my last day of working for CLEAR as promoter...
Never regret of taking this job..
Got to know a new friend, xin lei which is also my working partner..
Because of her, i have more confident and braver now...
thats why GOD arranged us to met !
FATE do exists !
Hope we will still keep contact after this...

I had learned a lot of things such as:

1st- i am able to speak in front of public now..
2nd- my Cantonese and Malay have improved A BIT ..
3rd- Family are important.. especially when my mom send lunch to me (*touching*)
4th- Build a good relationship with people around your working environment is a MUST!
eg. I got a free donut when i bought donuts in J.CO...
I got to tasted J.CO yogurt ice cream for FREE more that 15 times..

indulge myself in it so much ...

On the last day, i let myself spend more money than i did on usual working day...
I need to treated myself better.. enjoyed and relaxed a bit..
Had a drink in starbucks and bought a MINA (japan fashion magazine)...

Now i just need to wait for them to bank in my salary...
then i am going to 血拼 shopping!

09 July, 2009

Malaysian studies...shits lo...

haiz haiz haiz haiz haiz haiz haiz ...
unstoppable sighing...
Malaysian Studies starting on today ...
need to study useless things... not beneficial at all...
some more the text books of T3-T6 is thicker than the previous 1..
very tired leh...

08 July, 2009

New lecturers for 2nd semester

After having first class with new T3,T4,T5 lecturers on this week..
i wan to share my thought about them..
its a good beginning for the starting lessons..

T3-Ms Grace

The first impression she gave me was a pretty young lady...
probably just graduated from ACCA few years ago...
i bet she is 20-25 years old...
we was told by her that this is her first time teaching...
she shouldn't told us cause this makes her look like unable to teach...
i could feels that she is trying to mix around with the students...
i liked the way she communicate with us as her sound like a Uni student..
but when she started showing the slides with projector ..
and explaining all the theory and fact about the T3 1st chapters ...
I din't think she gave us a good explanation...
its not interesting enough...
people will probably forget after class..

T4-Ms Teh

i am started to worried when she said she was friend of mr.cheah...
but after few lessons she having with us..
i think her teaching is still ok..
so far so good ...

T5- Ms Wong

This is the best lecturer sunway gave us so far since our course started...
I hav no problem with her way of teaching..
Glad that having her to teach us T5..
as i heard T5 is the hardest paper in CAT ..

Finally, hope all my papers can pass by the help of them XD


After trying so many shampoos all this year..
still cant found any shampoo that suitable for me..
its either too dry or too oily for my hair ...
But until now ,
I am trying Asience shampoo..
it makes my hair so smooth everytime after i use its shampoo and conditioner..
dont need any oil after drying..
dont need to use treatment mask everyweek now...
dandruff dint appear too..
i wonder how they make the shampoo until its so nice..
cause usually an nourishing shampoo will cause my hair too oily and dandruff appear...
glad that i've solve my problem...
Sharing is caring,
Its a japan product and u can check its ingredient through google search..
I am lazy to type out all the information here..
it wont cost u so much.. the price is quite reasonable..
My mom bought it around RM5o for Shampoo+conditioner...
Its cheaper and better for your hair ...

p.s. i only know jun ji jyun help Asience to advertise after my mom bought for me XD U can see
the advertisement on recent magazine eg. CLEO, FEMALE, etc....

06 July, 2009

~ working days ~

Our booth in Giant

but the car is the prize.. not mine :(

acting like a professional promoter d..
last day of working on next sunday XD

I saw this in 女人我最大

hehe... found it in Guardian ....
but more expensive compare to buy in on9..