20 August, 2011

Cycling Trip@Taman Pertanian,Shah Alam

I am the one who request for this trip , 
the reason is I want to learn how to ride a bicycle so badly !!! 
yeah I am 20 this year , but I still dont know how to cycling ,
Although this is embarrassing , I must learn cycling no matter how hard it is  >.<

So , who gonna teach me?
that's my uncle chunkit and my class rep chengfai .
I got another friend wai yi join us for the lesson too =)

We choose to practise in Taman Pertanian at Shah Alam !!!
This is the first time I've been there ~ ~
feel so exciting once we reached there XD

haha its our 5 Cekap's road !

Besides of cycling ,
Taman Pertanian also got other activities like Skytrex , zoo , fishing , bla bla bla ...
U know what? the parrot was imitating me to said 'hello' !! 
feel so happy and unbelievable ,
cause i never really make a parrot talk before XD

In the end of the day , 
I still cant balance the bike by myself ,
more practices will be required , I will not give up easily !!!