25 October, 2010

Grandmother's Birthday




24 October, 2010

Mann's Birthday @ TGI FRIDAY

22 October Friday Night in TGI FRIDAY
Late Birthday Celebration for Ching Mann &
Advance Birthday Celebration for Calvin and Shan =)

We went to TGI in sunway pyramid after mock exam , 
i totally screw my law paper !! T.T
After we finished our food ,
the birthday girl and boy were request to stand on the chair and ask to sing 'Nobody' and dance along ,
ofcourse they cant do it ,
so their punishment would be the 'cream' !!

 prank on birthday girls and boy ,
drink the chili and tomatoes sauce !

Group pictures =D

the background make me look like i am in a Halloween party LOL

shaun trying to act killer face after many failed attempt >.<

See how they play with the cream =_=
I dont think i wan to hav my birthday in TGI next time huhu ~

Anyway , 
I have a great laugh that night after emo-ing for few days !
It really help me to distress a lot!! Thanks peeps!

14 October, 2010

Liese bubble hair colour =D

 Whats on trend ?
Its Liese Bubble Hair Colour
I have 3 classmates whose have just done their hair with it =)
So what are u waiting for? 
Go grab one in Guardian Store or SASA !

If you wan to save money or your parent dont allow to dye your hair ,
 LIESE bubble hair colour will be the best choice for YOU!!
Instead of spending rm250+ to dye your hair in the saloon ,
why not give a try on a safe and easy bubble hair colour? 
U only need to pay rm40 for one box , 
dont worry if your hair is long ,
one box is definitely enough !

 So i choose Marshmallow Brown Colour
The results will be different depends on your original hair colour!
(Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum on the left and Liese bubble hair colour on the right )

This is what inside the box , hand gloves is given , dont worry =)
Besides of that ,
Liese also come out with a range of Hair Care Product ,
the one i am using now is Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum !
I love the peach scent of the serum , 
trust me u will get addicted to it !
 I heard the Raspberry hair mist even have nicer smell !

After using marshmallow brown liese bubble hair colour ,
my hair colour is not much different with the colour i have previously, 
which is ash brown ~ 

tada ! no edit no edit >.<

This is the video they teach you how to used the liese bubble hair colour product ! 
I found it quite useful =)

Lastly , 
Hope you people will enjoy your time with Liese Bubble Hair Colour =)  

p.s.Attention! people who have eczema please don't used it !!
and try it on your skin for testing before u apply to your hair !!

04 October, 2010

I ♥ Hada Labo

♥ Hada Labo ♥

* for ultimate perfection and ultimate simplicity *

Hada Labo uses the
finest, purest and highly effective ingredients
to provide you with the ultimate result of beautiful skin.
 Hot Product in Japan : Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion
It ranked as the No.1 face lotion in Japan , selling 1 bottle every 4 seconds!!
Now we can get it in Malaysia too !
just pay your visit to the nearest Guardian Pharmacies Shop =)

For me , I am still a newbie for Hada Labo product ,
just bought a AHA/BHA Cleansing (refer to below) ,
In 2 days time after using it ,
i can feel my skin texture improve better since i have been burning mid night oil lately =)
Now i feel like loving it so much !! xD

AHA/BHA Cleansing
Inspired by the smoothness and delicateness of an unshelled egg, this "eggquisite" cleanser contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) to give clarity, brightness and promote skin cell renewal by preventing dead skin cell buildup. The gentle cleanser lathers into a fine, velvety foam to prevent blemishes and polishes away dullness for a renewed skin every day.

 For more information please refer to the link below :

03 October, 2010

Dae Jang Gum Korean Restaurant @ Section 14, PJ

  Dont know what to eat? 
then come to DAE JANG GUM @ Section 14, PJ
for korean food !! 
the price is above average , 
if u are food lover ,
its going to worth more than u pay =)
 The restaurant is owned by a Korean , 
they really giving good services and serve us with good courtesy...
I believe this is result from the training given by their employer =)

 the side dishes , so many variety !! dont know which 1 to start first ...
sok yue love the kimchi so much , 
she ordered again and again !!
 the BBQ pork , they cooked it for us =) 
this is the best i have ever eat for korean bbq !
they also give us the vegetables to wrap with the meat to eat it together =)
 cheng fai look so HUNGRY lol
 BBQ chicken , look not so nice but its better than u imagine ... 
you will eat it piece after piece !
 thx to wan joe , 
the tea inside gin leon cup is going to flow out =.=
his attitude will never change ... 
*the korean tea is nice, but leon dont like it , its all depends on you*

 the dessert , dont know what is it call ,
but it is sweet ginger taste =)

 The Ginseng Chicken Soup , thumbs up! 
Its good that it dont hav the bitter taste of ginseng ~

Lastly, Group picture !!! ♥
Damn those ffk me !! 

Night in Curve
 pic took by cheng fai ,
sok yue look happy with that drinks !! XD
me with my green tea cream =)
 healthy drinks huh ? lol 

 We watch Charlie St.Cloud in cathay cineleisure , 
touching and meaningful story ,
more importantly Zac Efron so handsomeeeeeeeee !!  ♥.♥
but the guy just get bored with it >.<
think , why are you giving the second chance? 
everything happen for a reason behind it =)

CAT graduation ceremony

Date : 2nd October 2010 
Time : 8am until 3pm 
 Venue : Sunway pyramid convention centre CP3 10th floor
Event : 21st ACCA&CAT graduation ceremony

Ever since last year i enter CAT , 
I learn a lot of new things from here , 
got to know lot lot of friends ,
and it change me and my life =) 
Eventually , this came to the end of CAT and the beginning of ACCA ... 

For my friend that came for the graduation ceremony , 
I have fun celebrate and graduate my CAT with them .
For my friend that dint , 
I miss them ♥ 

Watching those ACCA graduates , 
I really wish i can finish my ACCA within 3 years ... 
Like the senior said , 
we will miss our college life after we graduate ,
i guess it will be the same for me too ...
Therefore ,
I treasure every moment of my college and student life now~

 Hope before i start my working life ,
i will get the chance to explore the outside world ,
and do something that i want to do all those year ...
Dream , Make It REAL ♥