03 October, 2010

CAT graduation ceremony

Date : 2nd October 2010 
Time : 8am until 3pm 
 Venue : Sunway pyramid convention centre CP3 10th floor
Event : 21st ACCA&CAT graduation ceremony

Ever since last year i enter CAT , 
I learn a lot of new things from here , 
got to know lot lot of friends ,
and it change me and my life =) 
Eventually , this came to the end of CAT and the beginning of ACCA ... 

For my friend that came for the graduation ceremony , 
I have fun celebrate and graduate my CAT with them .
For my friend that dint , 
I miss them ♥ 

Watching those ACCA graduates , 
I really wish i can finish my ACCA within 3 years ... 
Like the senior said , 
we will miss our college life after we graduate ,
i guess it will be the same for me too ...
Therefore ,
I treasure every moment of my college and student life now~

 Hope before i start my working life ,
i will get the chance to explore the outside world ,
and do something that i want to do all those year ...
Dream , Make It REAL ♥

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