31 October, 2009

Gathering & Hafiz farewell

Thursday (29.10.2009)
Location: Midvalley & Gardens
I went out with siew sin , pei shan and chew yong yong for Jennifer's Body movie
29th Oct was the first day release of the movie ,
we went earlier to bought the tickets...
In this movie, Megan Fox is so Hot but Evil & disgusting ...
The ending was so simplified , make me feel not enough of it....

After the movie finished,
we went to 鼎泰丰 to take our lunch and 恭和堂 after siew sin left ..

Nail sticker >>

Saturday (31.10.2009)
Location: One Utama
Event Organizer: Me!!!!!!
Movie: Law abiding citizens

Foods: Paddington house of Pancake , Tokyo G

We are here not to celebrate for HALLOWEEN ,
BUT! Its for our 5Cekap Gathering & Hafiz farewell
He is going to MELAKA for taking his PILOT course
Finally he get to study what he want , how nice ^^
Only 11 people are attend today ,
some of them change but some of them dint ...
Different of us , Different Stories ..
But as Hafiz said 'Sharing is Caring'
I am enjoyed to be with them ^^

My comment on them XD
Chun Kit - become so diam haha, His GF really change him a lot haha
Kah Kit - Look so moody , Putus cinta??
Yu tian - so beh song wan joe haha...
Wan Joe- this feller nvr change la, still talk cold jokes &talkative..
Yee Kuan - still a leng lui & my bestie XD
Lucus - His voice got deeper and look more fierce d , maybe tired ??
Dominic - look fierce too
Foo Chok Tong - Hairstyle change d , the future ' architecture '
Hafiz - Pimples a lot lo...
Chun Chiar - long time no see lo haha... treat me like a maid =.=''

Me ?? they said i am still the Shortest n the youngest ...
Never change at ALL... T.T
Going To prove to them Next time!!

28 October, 2009


Jiang Jiang Jiang~~~
After The Mock Exam,
I went back home paint my nails , pink polka dots again haha...

After The CSB exam on Saturday(24/10),
We went to watch Sorority Row,
Half closing my eyes haha>> =.= so chi gek...

Although we were not hungry(popcorn in TGV),
we still went to Sakae for our lunch...

I hav Holidays for one week ,
Need to Plan My activities during the holidays ,
expecially the 5C gathering haha...
Need to eat a lot a lot of foods and watch a lot a lot Dramas hehe....XD

18 October, 2009

Finally we are together again ^^

Location: K.T.Z in One Utama

Sister and me
who looks older?? Vote me!

Gathering and Celebrated Sher Li's Birthday
Location : Ms Read in One Utama
The People >>
Melody,Li hui, Jia Min, Sher Li, Yee Kuan, Felicia(me)[from left]

The Food

~Mel said I become more Talkative XD~
~They Like my Hairstyle~
~I them~

P.S 3 days count down for Mock Exam...
But i hav no mood for it...
I'm going to spoil it this time...

08 October, 2009

6 months in CAT

08.04.2009 - 08.10.2009
6 months already...
time pass so fast...
Life changing, friends changing, environment changing,
personalities and appearance changing..
Still remember the first day i went for CAT April intake orientation ...
MeMoRieS will stay forever XD

07 October, 2009

Love Story

Silky Terrier Vs Monkey

My Dog (Silky Terrier) in my hometown,
we name her 'PINKY'
was actually falling in love with a MONKEY!!
Oh My Gosh!!
Anything can Happen in this World ==
Love is powerful enough to break all the natural rules!
This is my 'mooncake festival' SURPRISE ...