31 October, 2009

Gathering & Hafiz farewell

Thursday (29.10.2009)
Location: Midvalley & Gardens
I went out with siew sin , pei shan and chew yong yong for Jennifer's Body movie
29th Oct was the first day release of the movie ,
we went earlier to bought the tickets...
In this movie, Megan Fox is so Hot but Evil & disgusting ...
The ending was so simplified , make me feel not enough of it....

After the movie finished,
we went to 鼎泰丰 to take our lunch and 恭和堂 after siew sin left ..

Nail sticker >>

Saturday (31.10.2009)
Location: One Utama
Event Organizer: Me!!!!!!
Movie: Law abiding citizens

Foods: Paddington house of Pancake , Tokyo G

We are here not to celebrate for HALLOWEEN ,
BUT! Its for our 5Cekap Gathering & Hafiz farewell
He is going to MELAKA for taking his PILOT course
Finally he get to study what he want , how nice ^^
Only 11 people are attend today ,
some of them change but some of them dint ...
Different of us , Different Stories ..
But as Hafiz said 'Sharing is Caring'
I am enjoyed to be with them ^^

My comment on them XD
Chun Kit - become so diam haha, His GF really change him a lot haha
Kah Kit - Look so moody , Putus cinta??
Yu tian - so beh song wan joe haha...
Wan Joe- this feller nvr change la, still talk cold jokes &talkative..
Yee Kuan - still a leng lui & my bestie XD
Lucus - His voice got deeper and look more fierce d , maybe tired ??
Dominic - look fierce too
Foo Chok Tong - Hairstyle change d , the future ' architecture '
Hafiz - Pimples a lot lo...
Chun Chiar - long time no see lo haha... treat me like a maid =.=''

Me ?? they said i am still the Shortest n the youngest ...
Never change at ALL... T.T
Going To prove to them Next time!!


  1. so good.. go out din call me... >__<
    you went one-u..?
    i'm so near with you... keke~~
    next gathering post reserve for me..?