07 November, 2009

SMKBU3 Hari Kanteen


In the morning,
At 7.45am something,
I hav to go back my Secondary School for the Hari Kantin event,
After i reach there,
I met Hui Hwa & Kar Yin in the Tapak,
All of us are here earlier because of our siblings ...
i thought nobody can recognize me ,
but Pn.Er did!! she said i change a lot haha...
We go to the canteen not long after that...
Xin Yi come to meet Kar Inn and Hui hwa,
This is the first time she hug me haha,
i beg she is not enough for hui hwa and kar inn...

Time pass little by little,
its already 9 o'clock,
Yee Kuan was Late !!
I was waiting there ...
she promise me to be ealier T.T
After she came,
She told me that she saw TK but i dint ...
I had already spend rm6 out rm20,
I'm helping those junior to buy their spaghetti T.T not nice >.<
This year was not lively as the previous year ,
Its because of
H1N1 cases,
& Form 5 are having their SPM,
so some stall are not open included GHOST HOUSE!
Miss My Form4 year T.T

I saw Tk when i was in tapak getting some food with YK,
He is still the same ( dark dark )
He dint mentioned to me about the movie we plan to watch after the event,
I thought he has forgot about it,
so i informed others that the movie was canceled,
He suddenly came to me ask me about the movie ,
Then i think its better to canceled it off,
because there are few of us that can attend only...
So Sorry For that...

I saw few ex-Form5 was there,
some I said Hi , some I dint =.=
YK came late but Left ealier ...
I saw Wai Yi waving his hand at me..
Beside Him was a Girl,
i thought she was his Sister ..
But Yu Tian Told me that Hui Hwa said Wai Yi bring his GF to School,
Then only i realized, That girl is His GF XD
Everyone is growing up!

While waiting for My Mom,
I Follow my sister, Crystal, & some junior walk around as Duty for St.John,
SO Nice to Get to Know the 2 Junior XD
I also hav some chat with sze shuen & yu tian in Bilik Kesihatan...
Here are some of the Pic in Facebook XD
The End

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