31 March, 2010

Jogging in Desa Park City

After the jogging ,
we eat ice cream & tea with jelly XD
Thanks for KK and Dav for belanja us~~

24 March, 2010

Sore throat ? Flu ? Coughing ?

I was having sick since 2 days ago,
Thanks for the FB buddy & Ji mui suggesting me to take strepsils , salt water , 100 plus , cool rhino , panadol , honey , etc ~~
My throat is feeling better but the coughing and flu couldnt go away T.T

However , yesterday after class ,
I wouldn't let the sick spoil my plan to eat Baskin robbins ,
so we rush after T7 class to Sunway Pyramid before the Velvet Concert Start~~
I show the staff my Pink Lip Tints XD
Get to eat double junior scoop at single junior scoop price !
I choose Neapolitan Dynamics and Very Berry Strawberry flavor XD
After that ,
we rushed back to college for the Velvet Concert ( charity concert ) which under our Moral activities~~
As what Miss Yu teached us in T7 ,
I think velvet had poor key performance ~~
I was only impressed by a 16 years old girls MAGIC performance ~~

We came out at 9pm , cant bear with the show anymore ~~
Then me , siew sin , pei shan and yong went to Puchong food stall to take our dinner !!

23 March, 2010

Pei Shan's Birthday

Last Sunday 21st of March ( 321) was the 20th Birthday of PeiShan ,
She is older than me for 2 years at this moment muahaha~~
Anyway, she is still the SNOW WHITE and SOTONG la~~
Dint change much , just more hard working now~~

We went to Sunway Pyramid to celebrate with her ,
Straight away jump to REDBOX ~~
Then Sang Birthday Song and Gave her our Presents XD

Jessica left after we took sticker pics ,
Then the old gang 5 of us me, suk ling , siew sin, pei shan and yong went to Dragon - I to take our dinner !!

me and siew sin , Pei shan and Suk Ling

The Pink Team ! yeah!!
The Main Character is Peishan ,
thats why she was wearing different colour with us!!

11 March, 2010

Hohoho~~ New Stuff ~~

My nail colour collection
My new BB cream from ETUDE
Alice Band bought from Diva

Was too bored during the Revision >.<

04 March, 2010

Fail To Sleep T.T

After the class , when i back home yesterday , i was planned to sleep in the afternoon ,
since last two night i was watching 72家租客 and 花田囍事2010 ~~
this 2 movie really lame and funny LOLss , Like Angelababy ~~ she is so cute ^.^

BUT A sudden message break my planned T.T
I hav to walk down from my house to accompany them ~~
KK, Dav and Tian come to Swim in My Condo~~
Then their friend Jasper in another Block come to joined them also ~~
K.K called me to sensor his nipples if i took any of his pic ~~
Then i will hav to show his Leg LOLss XP

Muahaha~~ His Leg got a lot of Bulu~~ Hairy Lolss

They was compete on Holding their breath in the water ~~

~~Sexy Tian~~


02 March, 2010

A day out with my girls ^^

Outing was organized by me , sing in Neway until I hav no sound d >.<
I Hug U girls!!!