04 March, 2010

Fail To Sleep T.T

After the class , when i back home yesterday , i was planned to sleep in the afternoon ,
since last two night i was watching 72家租客 and 花田囍事2010 ~~
this 2 movie really lame and funny LOLss , Like Angelababy ~~ she is so cute ^.^

BUT A sudden message break my planned T.T
I hav to walk down from my house to accompany them ~~
KK, Dav and Tian come to Swim in My Condo~~
Then their friend Jasper in another Block come to joined them also ~~
K.K called me to sensor his nipples if i took any of his pic ~~
Then i will hav to show his Leg LOLss XP

Muahaha~~ His Leg got a lot of Bulu~~ Hairy Lolss

They was compete on Holding their breath in the water ~~

~~Sexy Tian~~


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