23 September, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Zhong qiu Festival 中秋節 , The Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the chinese calendar and this year it falls on the September of 22 . The traditional food of this festival is the MOONCAKE, of which there are many different varieties. 

We went to shah alam lake ~ 
We play candle , lantern , paper boat
Its funny , i know ..... 
Somehow , this reminds me of my childhood memories
reminds me how i used to play together with my cousin

Back to the story , 
below is the pic of our art piece XD
chang e lantern

ching mann make her name with the candles and i am making a star but dont look like it ~
I like this !! made by my coursemate jc =)

 The second time celebration XD
coursemates rocks ! <3

19 September, 2010

Food Review

十号胡同 KISSATEN in Sg.Wang

My Teriyaki Chicken Burger RM8.90 + Free Green Tea

Its a burger that filled with teriyaki sause ,
and also tomatoes slices , vege and mayonnaise ...
It gave u a sweet and sour taste ~
Dont look at the size of the burger ,
it make u full like wan to vomit out !!
I rate it 6 out of 10 ~

Japanese Restaurant Sushi Tei in Tropicana City Mall

Above average price compared with sakae and zanmai

I like the Salmon Sashimi Sushi with mayonnaise on top , cost rm10.80
Rate 7 out of 10 ~

Pastry Culture in Tropicana City Mall

I bought Chocolate Temptation and Black Forest Cake from the shop ,
very smooth and the sweetness of the cake is just nice ~
I rate 8 out of 10

LST 百年路 in SS2 , PJ

Everything in this restaurant is nice and with reasonable price !
They sell local and penang food ,
The curry mee and chee cheong fun got the hometown taste ,
Dessert of Sago Gula Melaka and Ice Kacang must give a try also ~
I rate it 8 out of 10 !!

17 September, 2010

Resident Evil and Devil

Resident Evil : AFTER LIFE

Milla Jovovich is still so cool and pretty after so many years ❤

Rate : 8/10

This is the 4th movie that continued from Resident evil : Extinction ,
Luckily i got the chance to watch in 3D ,
the effect is good and make it feel so real !
even blink my eyes when Alice throw the throwing knifes towards the screen ,
Hey , video game lover out there must not miss this show !!
As i know this movie is based on the video game series Resident Evil ...
I kinda miss the primary&secondary school life when i still playing video games...
Maybe i should try out Left 4 Dead?
but ACCA make me running out of time ... huhu ...


Rate : 7 / 10

Thanks to Jolyn ,
I was able to watch the premiere for DEVIL movie in Cathay Cineleisure ,
we got the second row seats and nobody besides us =.=
Luckily got people move to infront when the movie going to start ...
I think the moral of the story is trying to tell us bad people will get punish eventually ...
Not a bad movie but for people who like scary movie i dont think this is enough for them ..

12 September, 2010

Sepang Gold Coast & Tanjung Sepat

Sepang Gold Coast

By searching on the net for Sepang Gold Coast ,
I was attracted by its beautiful beach view and Golden Palm Tree Water Villa ...
Its Eco-friendly 5 star hotel with food provided that charge around rm500 per person ,
so its quite expensive compared with the other hotels around ...
My family and I just planned for 1 day trip for the seafood and the beach ,
so we did visited there but not staying inside to save our budgets =)

I was drinking Dragon Fruits Juice

Besides , i also found out that it look familiar with the Dubai's Palm Jumeirah development.

Tanjung Sepat

Its a small fish village located at southwest part of Selangor,
near Banting, Sepang, and Morib .
Tanjung Sepat becoming a tourist attraction after commercialize seafood restaurants open in this area and also its lover's bridge ~
My dad's friend lead us to one of the seafood restaurant in there for Dinner =)
They are very friendly and nice to the guest =)

the fisher's ship on the port

I can the tell you they have the BEST Seafood that u cant get in the town,
its so fresh !!
If u come here must eat their seafood !!

I feel so relax and stress free in this small village ,
make me forget all the problems and worries i left behind in the town ...
Its good to come here often to experience their lifestyle ~

I-City @ shah alam

My parent bring us to I-city in Shah Alam since I've been complaining for awhile ,
But get a little bit disappointed cause nothing much in there ,
only lighting on the trees and a good place to take pictures =)
The thing i appreciate the most is I spend a great night with my parent and sis =)
I love Family outing ❤

❤ sweet sweet ❤

I like this pic!! ❤ the feeling ❤

sister and me

we pose like a ROBOT =.=

I hug tree xoxo !!

11 September, 2010

Broga Hill + Look Out Point on Hari Raya

Broga Hill on Hari Raya
( Malay celebration for new year in Malaysia )
This is the second time i went to Broga Hill ,
feel more easier compared with first time =)

My friend and I ,
are like a bunch of Monkey like we have nothing else to do in Broga Hill ,
what i can said is ,
this is the most retarded picture i can ever have in my facebook&blog !!
But i never regret with all those pose ,
because i ENJOYED the moment with my friends &
it is more important than my image in the pictures...

Besides , this is also my first time went broga hill after the raining ,
this make the weather so cold up there ....

yeekuan , ginleon , jiamin and me XD

trying to do thousand hand guan yin ~~

Smile wide wide XD
Doing my yoga pose on the stone!! so cool haha

act emo xD

the village i guess

The night before we went to Broga Hill ,
we pay another visit to Look Out Point at Ampang ~
This is the first time i went there ,
the night view of KL from the hill is awesome and this make me so EXCITED!!
We was having some drinks in Gasoline and eating Teriyaki Chicken wings ~~

why my face so chubyyy =.=

why cannot see my face 1 =.=

07 September, 2010

Saw Sister LOL

Confession of Love for my sis

My stupid sister ,
is the only one that make me pissed off , laugh , cry , crazy , etc ,
however this make me feel real being with her ~

Basically we shared many things together ,
our thought , our secrets , our foods ~
we easy to get influence by each other too >.<

Even though I am 2 years older than her ,
but i don't feel like i am an elder sister at all ,
sometime she tell me what to do when i was wrong ,
and i feel thankful for that ~

No matter how much she make me hate her sometime ,
but that wont stay for long =)
That is because i know she is the only one that's real when being with me ...
Love her and hate her at the same time ,
this is a complex feeling , hmmm ~~

Although i know its hard to handle her most of the time ,
I still hope she listen to me and stop being stubborn ~
p.s. *to sis* If u see this , be obedient to me okayyy!!

2009 Christmas ,
i am not that short compare with her okiee!!

stupid moment in fitting room haha ~

dont lick me please , i know i am sweet LOL

My time to revenge !! muahahahahaha

nah give u a nice pic back hehehehe ~~