11 September, 2010

Broga Hill + Look Out Point on Hari Raya

Broga Hill on Hari Raya
( Malay celebration for new year in Malaysia )
This is the second time i went to Broga Hill ,
feel more easier compared with first time =)

My friend and I ,
are like a bunch of Monkey like we have nothing else to do in Broga Hill ,
what i can said is ,
this is the most retarded picture i can ever have in my facebook&blog !!
But i never regret with all those pose ,
because i ENJOYED the moment with my friends &
it is more important than my image in the pictures...

Besides , this is also my first time went broga hill after the raining ,
this make the weather so cold up there ....

yeekuan , ginleon , jiamin and me XD

trying to do thousand hand guan yin ~~

Smile wide wide XD
Doing my yoga pose on the stone!! so cool haha

act emo xD

the village i guess

The night before we went to Broga Hill ,
we pay another visit to Look Out Point at Ampang ~
This is the first time i went there ,
the night view of KL from the hill is awesome and this make me so EXCITED!!
We was having some drinks in Gasoline and eating Teriyaki Chicken wings ~~

why my face so chubyyy =.=

why cannot see my face 1 =.=

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