17 September, 2010

Resident Evil and Devil

Resident Evil : AFTER LIFE

Milla Jovovich is still so cool and pretty after so many years ❤

Rate : 8/10

This is the 4th movie that continued from Resident evil : Extinction ,
Luckily i got the chance to watch in 3D ,
the effect is good and make it feel so real !
even blink my eyes when Alice throw the throwing knifes towards the screen ,
Hey , video game lover out there must not miss this show !!
As i know this movie is based on the video game series Resident Evil ...
I kinda miss the primary&secondary school life when i still playing video games...
Maybe i should try out Left 4 Dead?
but ACCA make me running out of time ... huhu ...


Rate : 7 / 10

Thanks to Jolyn ,
I was able to watch the premiere for DEVIL movie in Cathay Cineleisure ,
we got the second row seats and nobody besides us =.=
Luckily got people move to infront when the movie going to start ...
I think the moral of the story is trying to tell us bad people will get punish eventually ...
Not a bad movie but for people who like scary movie i dont think this is enough for them ..

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