23 November, 2009

Relative Wedding in Hometown

20.11.2009 - 22.11.2009

Final exam is coming in 2 weeks time,
but there is still many event that i have to attend.
This time my family went back to Taiping,
which is my hometown,
to attend a Wedding of my Grandaunt's eldest son.

I am quite enjoy of it,
Its great that to see a new couple get married,
what a lovely thing ...
Besides of that,
Its great that all of us can meet together again,
its been a long time since the last meeting,
I feel guilty when people still can remember my name but I can't.
They told me that i have change a lot,
&asked me whether i have go for a plastic surgery or come back from U.S.A,
i answer them that its just my hair has change... =.=''

During this period ,
i still havent get use to wake up so early in the morning,
so its too late when my parents go for breakfast,
so my sis n I order room service breakfast to our room haha...

Then before going to the dinner,
My Mummy bring us to the salon to set our hair ^^

After that,
We reached there and signing our name on the guest list^^
I take the chance to take pic with my cousin & relative^^

Pls click here for more pictures^^
Relative Wedding

17 November, 2009


12 . 11. 2009
This day was the premier for '2012' movie for the year ,
we were able to get the tickets in time but first row seat was the only choice ,
so we had to watched it with head bending ...

This movie story is not a human invention
but a prediction from the MAYAN tribe ,
21 . 12 . 2012 is the day of the world END ,
their calendar only wrote until 21.12.2o12 ...
then it will be the end of the world ...
it is just too cruel to face it ...
hope that it will not happen ...
Overall the movie is not from what i expected ,
I rate it 3/5 ,
I think the story line for the day after the tomorrow is better than it...
anyway it is still worthwhile to watch it >.<
A reminder for the Human race..

07 November, 2009

SMKBU3 Hari Kanteen


In the morning,
At 7.45am something,
I hav to go back my Secondary School for the Hari Kantin event,
After i reach there,
I met Hui Hwa & Kar Yin in the Tapak,
All of us are here earlier because of our siblings ...
i thought nobody can recognize me ,
but Pn.Er did!! she said i change a lot haha...
We go to the canteen not long after that...
Xin Yi come to meet Kar Inn and Hui hwa,
This is the first time she hug me haha,
i beg she is not enough for hui hwa and kar inn...

Time pass little by little,
its already 9 o'clock,
Yee Kuan was Late !!
I was waiting there ...
she promise me to be ealier T.T
After she came,
She told me that she saw TK but i dint ...
I had already spend rm6 out rm20,
I'm helping those junior to buy their spaghetti T.T not nice >.<
This year was not lively as the previous year ,
Its because of
H1N1 cases,
& Form 5 are having their SPM,
so some stall are not open included GHOST HOUSE!
Miss My Form4 year T.T

I saw Tk when i was in tapak getting some food with YK,
He is still the same ( dark dark )
He dint mentioned to me about the movie we plan to watch after the event,
I thought he has forgot about it,
so i informed others that the movie was canceled,
He suddenly came to me ask me about the movie ,
Then i think its better to canceled it off,
because there are few of us that can attend only...
So Sorry For that...

I saw few ex-Form5 was there,
some I said Hi , some I dint =.=
YK came late but Left ealier ...
I saw Wai Yi waving his hand at me..
Beside Him was a Girl,
i thought she was his Sister ..
But Yu Tian Told me that Hui Hwa said Wai Yi bring his GF to School,
Then only i realized, That girl is His GF XD
Everyone is growing up!

While waiting for My Mom,
I Follow my sister, Crystal, & some junior walk around as Duty for St.John,
SO Nice to Get to Know the 2 Junior XD
I also hav some chat with sze shuen & yu tian in Bilik Kesihatan...
Here are some of the Pic in Facebook XD
The End