27 December, 2009

Cameron Highlands

Last Time i went to Cameron was 16 years ago ,
Can't remember any part of that place ,
What i can do is just look back to the pictures we took last time ...

But dad suddenly wan to visit that place again ...
We just drove up there without making hotel reservation,
Actually they don't let us make reservation ,
They claimed that we must walk in to check in...

We went to all of the hotel in Brinchang to checked the available rooms, but Full !
With no choice , we drive to Taman Rata ,
Century Pines was full , the only choice left was Heritage hotel ,
Eventually , we managed to get one room for us ...
After the Checked in, We went to take our dinner in a HK style restaurant ...

It was already 9pm something when we finished our dinner ,
Went for a walk to the stalls , but dint bought anything ,
Out of the sudden, I saw a familiar face , but not sure whether is that him or not ...
So i just ignored , dint wan to get myself in a embarrass situation ....

Then We went back to Heritage hotel ,
Get a bath and lying down on the bed ,
My dad suggest that we should go for a walk downstairs ,
so we followed his suggestion and we found a BAR ...
I ordered Hot chocolate for myself , but actually i wan alcohol >.<
There is a Karaoke , so we listed down few songs and start the singing XD

It was already 1.oo am in the midnight,
We went to take Supper in Brinchang ...
Hot Milo and Noodles filled my stomach ,
Finally i felt sleepy >.<

In the Morning 9am ,
We ate our breakfast in one of the restaurant in Taman Rata ,
Checked out the hotel after that and We took off to Brinchang Strawberries Farm ...

After taking the pictures and got some flower plant ,
We drove down and drop down every time we see stalls ...
In the Halfway , we saw a Steamboat restaurant ,
Step in to filled our Stomach , Feel syok to eat in cool weather ...

In the end , i bought some strawberries , lollipops and chocolate ^^
While my parents bought a lot of veges and fruit back to KL...

For more pictures , Click here !

Merry Christmas

I had a Christmas tree in my House!! XD
Spend my Christmas with my Family ^^
Thanks for their Presents ^^

23 December, 2009


冬至又来了,好久没吃妈妈煮的汤圆了 。


Nice Movie!!! Watch it 3D with Kuan >.<
But the Movie just too long ... sit until my butt also very pain ...
The stranger sit beside me was annoying ... haizzz

Tea time in Zanmai After the Movie !!

YuMmy XD

20 December, 2009

Sister Birthday

Wish Her At 1am at the morning ,
nearly forgot her birthday >.< We went to watch Princess and the Frog with Jolyn and Jane!!!
All my treat for my sister food today,
Bully me again T.T

3 Hours of Shopping Before the movie started ,
Went to Buy Mom Christmas Present that choose from Eu Yan Sang ....
Still Cant found my Hand Bags T.T ...
Got Home together with sis & jane after that ,
Take Dinner together with my Family ,
Sing a Birthday song for her~~

19 December, 2009

Sok Yue Birthday 18/12 XD

Before meeting them ,
I had prepared a present for Sok Yue's Birthday ,
This is also the reason why the Ex-form 5 gather together ...

They decided to buy her a present before she came ,
9 ppl( YK, Lucas, KK, Kenneth, C.C, C.T, Hui Hwa, Wai Yi, Tzyy Ying) sharing for 1 present ,
100 something is not expensive ,
but Kenneth keep Cutting the cost ,
I think Move to Aus make him changed ...
Luckily i prepared the present by myself >.<

Sok yue ask us go Seoul Garden ,
Infront of that restaurant ,
We met Tong Keat , Ming wei , Sok Yue , Siu Yue , Lucas ...
Tzyy Ying and Yu tian came to joined us afterwards ....
The Food was So-so , Not eating much in there haha ....

We leave earlier after the photo session ,
I went Shopping with Y.K instead of watching Movie ,
Got a short pants and Slipper in COTTON ON ,
Yeah! I got it for low prices !

16 December, 2009

Ninja Assasins and New Moon

Ninja Assassins on 13.12.2009

We reached One-U at noon ,
Step infront of GSC ,
Looking at the screen but dont know what movie is nice ,
The final decisions was then go for Ninja Assassins ,
Look at the poster , Rain was Half-Naked ,
Thought the movie was going to be SO so...
But!! It was better than i thought XD
NO wonder the movie get to the TOP10 list in Korea

New Moon
on 29.11.2009

Yep! I watched this a week before my exam >.<
I cant resist it !

After Overnight in Jolyn's house , We went Papa for breakfast in the morning...
Then we went pyramid for New Moon ,
Its a Cousin Outing ,
Hav a good time with them

Jingle bell Jingle bell rocks~~

Birthday Celebration

ME? Definitely not me !
Its my 2 jimui ,♥ SUK LING & SIEW SIN ♥
Their Birthday are on the Dec 17th and 24th ,
But they may not be here on that day,

So we celebrate earlier for them ...
We went Mid Valley & Cheras for Movies and Food ,
Watch Couples Retreat 18SG ... >.<

12 December, 2009

Exam is over !!! XD

To do List :
-Drama & Movies
-Join Yoga Class
-Outing with CLassmate & Ex-schoolmate
-Improve my English
-Go out for Sports
-Planning for trip
-Facebook all the time ^^

Hope the December dont end so FAST!!!

09 December, 2009

Final Exam


T3 , T4 , T5 , T6 EXAM is Killing me!!!
They take away my Normal life,
make me cannot sleep well ,
everyday also burn midnight oil ,
my health is getting worse T.T
H.A.T.E them !!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<
I just finished T3 today and finished T6 on Monday,
Left 2 more days to go for T4 and T5!!