31 December, 2011


2011 is ENDING soon ,
time has been passing a litte bit too fast today ,
like it cant wait for 2012 to come .
I also doing the same like the others ,
waiting for tonight countdown party to come =)

First thing ,
we all must survive through 2012,
hope the prediction of world end on 2012 will not be true .

Second thing ,
I hope my family and I will be healthy, safe and happy all the time in the new year .

Thirdly ,
I must complete all acca papers next year & passing with flying results .
Seems a bit hard but this is what I really wanted .

Next ,
I will be able to explore to other part of the world ,
and travel to places I've never been  .

Besides ,
I also wish I can learn another new language ,
I've already planned ahead for this 1 ,
as I will start my korean classes on January :D

Last but not the least ,
get to know more new friends ,
 some who are real and sincere to me =)
and also maybe a BOYFRIEND ! hahahahaha

Wish all my friends and family ,
will have a great year on 2012 .
Everyone will care for each other
and always help people who need us .

27 December, 2011

The Lion Country - Singapore ! :D

During this christmas holidays ,
I went to Singapore and JB with my family for 4 days 3 nights :D
it was awesome as finally I get to visit Universal Studio !!!
And being the lucky 1 ,
I get to tried on their new ride 'Transformer' that was open this year on December !!!
the 3D effect is super cool !!!
but we queue very long for each ride ,
my back feel very pain at the end of the day >.<

Besides of that,
we also met up with my relative that stay in singapore and johor ,
they are so nice and friendly ,
and also lead us to some famous tourist spot like marina bay sand, orchard road & bugis street .
Have a christmas countdown with them on christmas eve !!!

20 August, 2011

Cycling Trip@Taman Pertanian,Shah Alam

I am the one who request for this trip , 
the reason is I want to learn how to ride a bicycle so badly !!! 
yeah I am 20 this year , but I still dont know how to cycling ,
Although this is embarrassing , I must learn cycling no matter how hard it is  >.<

So , who gonna teach me?
that's my uncle chunkit and my class rep chengfai .
I got another friend wai yi join us for the lesson too =)

We choose to practise in Taman Pertanian at Shah Alam !!!
This is the first time I've been there ~ ~
feel so exciting once we reached there XD

haha its our 5 Cekap's road !

Besides of cycling ,
Taman Pertanian also got other activities like Skytrex , zoo , fishing , bla bla bla ...
U know what? the parrot was imitating me to said 'hello' !! 
feel so happy and unbelievable ,
cause i never really make a parrot talk before XD

In the end of the day , 
I still cant balance the bike by myself ,
more practices will be required , I will not give up easily !!!

22 July, 2011

Bon Odori 2011

Bon Odori festival was held in Panasonic Sports Complex,Shah Alam(originally Stadium Mashushita),
yeah I was in there!!!
Did u see me ? XD
I bet you dint cause I went back very early >__<
This is the third year I went for this event ,
but this year I went without my bestie yeekuan T.T
make me miss her even more T.T
because i went with her on previous 2 years sobss ... 

This year has nothing much different from previous years ,
the food and dance is still the same ,
its just a event for gathering with friend and picnic ;)

 Let me Introduce to you to the PARTY people in the STADIUM !
 group pic with high school friends!

pity boy , i take this down because he is just too cute in this post X)
I like this little girl too so cutee !!! X)
japanese with yukata or kimono? whatever ...

here I done my post ,
hope the next Bon Odori festival can have a better food next time !!

19 July, 2011

Taipei City !

After spending 2 days in Hualien ,
I head off to Taipei !!

Taipei is the main city of Taiwan that has the most human population in Taiwan.
A lot of foreigner like to shopping in Taipei as it has the most trendy good with reasonable price too !
especially girl's make up cosmetic , skin care products , etc .
they are like 25%-50% cheaper than Malaysia price.
Shop like WATSON and SASA is the places that you must not miss out in there !

Besides of that ,
I was doing backpack travelling in Taipei because the public transport is very easy and convenient
All you need to do is just ask as long as you can speak chinese.

Places that I've been :

101 Taipei Tower
Its the tallest building in the world , the honor of Taiwan .
If u are not afraid of height and like to see the top view of the Taipei city ,
you can actually go to this place.
NT400 adult per entry to the 89th floor The Observatories .

Xi men ding 西門町

They have an average of over 3 million shoppers per month,
which most of them are young peoples .
I saw Taiwan celebrity 'Luo zhi xiang' in one of the shop there !!!
 I also went for a steamboat buffet in there , super nice !!
they provided haegan dazz ice cream!! yummy!

Shih lin Night Market
There are many many night markets in Taiwan ,
but shih lin is the biggest one and is the one you must go for it .
Shihlin Street Snacks
 Oyster omelet
something taste like pearl tea
we hate the stinky toufu !!

There have another street that selling non food items too ~

Danshui Fisherman's Wharf (Yu Ren Ma Tou)

  arhh , cant take the whole bridge in this pic because my sis got no skill!
 oh~ where's my prince? xD

Beitou Hot Spring

This the first time I went to Hot spring in my life T.T
but my skin feel very itchy inside the hot spring ...

Jiu Fen Old Street
An old street with shops selling local products and food .

Mao kong Cable Car

this is one of the pic I took in Mao kong station ,
which is now my blog layout =D

CKS Memorial Hall  Zhong Zheng Ji Nian Tang 中正紀念堂
A famous monument erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China.

Hello kitty Shop
In Taoyuen International Airport

Taiwan is a good travel place because the people there are friendly and willing to help other people :D
I wish to visit back this place again next year !!!

17 July, 2011

Taiwan Taiwan Hualien 花蓮

Actually I feel so lazy to blog about it ,
I will just make it in a short way k?

First of all ,
I've been to 2 places in Taiwan : Hualien & Taipei.
Hualien is a mountainous place and located on the east side of Taiwan.
The reason why Hualien's main tourist attraction is Taroko National Park(太魯閣國家公園)
is because they have many big big and strong strong uncountable mountains .
Almost all of the pictures I taken in Hualien also got mountain inside ,
so its a waste if u don't go there because its too beautiful T.T
However , u will need a lot of stamina to walk there !
So , out of so many pictures ,
this is my most favourite picture!! muahaha
why? because I am inside the picture xD

For other pictures , please click HERE and HERE

I was in there at the right time thought its summer now because the weather was so cooling after rain on the day before I was in there !
I cant imagine with the people who has came here with temperature of 37 Celsius !
I can feel that Hotness after few days I am in Taiwan but that time I would be in Taipei already .
So , Hualian is the place that I expose to the sun for the most ,
its better u dont go on the summer season .

kk , thats all for hualien post ,
I am off for supper curry maggi ,
good nights ! xD

15 July, 2011

yo I am BACK!

It has been 2 months since my last blogging ,
the reason I stopped blogging was because of exam , trip and laziness ...
I dint even blog during the 3 weeks sem break because I was out for gathering and trip !!
I want to say sorry for my late update !!
I am so envy of other bloggers who can constantly update their blogs weekly or even daily !!

So , Where have I been?
If you are my friends , you would already know the answer.
Thats because I had been telling my friends I am going to TAIWAN since I bought my flight tickets last year . 
You cant blame me for my excitement cause the magazines and tv shows always give me an impression that Taiwan is a beautiful place with beautiful scenery , food and people !! >_<
After I had been to that place ,
I think they have really nice scenery and it looks exactly the same like you saw in the book or tv!
However , the food are overated =(
 I still prefer Msian food , maybe the reason is I was born in Msia.

If I start blogging about the trip from the first day to the seventh day ,
I think i will miss my sleeping time tonight ,
so I will just delay it to the next post =)
nobody minds anyway !!

Besides , my new semester had just started two weeks ago,
I got to know some new friends from my class , I think thats the good part.
For the bad part , the study work has increase !!
Lecturers have been giving us quite lot of homework and self study notes ...
I hope I can keep in track with what they are teaching ~ ~

Hmm , thats it for the new update peeps ,
I'm going to sleep now ,
hope I wont take too long to update the next post !
night nights ! <3