17 July, 2011

Taiwan Taiwan Hualien 花蓮

Actually I feel so lazy to blog about it ,
I will just make it in a short way k?

First of all ,
I've been to 2 places in Taiwan : Hualien & Taipei.
Hualien is a mountainous place and located on the east side of Taiwan.
The reason why Hualien's main tourist attraction is Taroko National Park(太魯閣國家公園)
is because they have many big big and strong strong uncountable mountains .
Almost all of the pictures I taken in Hualien also got mountain inside ,
so its a waste if u don't go there because its too beautiful T.T
However , u will need a lot of stamina to walk there !
So , out of so many pictures ,
this is my most favourite picture!! muahaha
why? because I am inside the picture xD

For other pictures , please click HERE and HERE

I was in there at the right time thought its summer now because the weather was so cooling after rain on the day before I was in there !
I cant imagine with the people who has came here with temperature of 37 Celsius !
I can feel that Hotness after few days I am in Taiwan but that time I would be in Taipei already .
So , Hualian is the place that I expose to the sun for the most ,
its better u dont go on the summer season .

kk , thats all for hualien post ,
I am off for supper curry maggi ,
good nights ! xD

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