22 July, 2011

Bon Odori 2011

Bon Odori festival was held in Panasonic Sports Complex,Shah Alam(originally Stadium Mashushita),
yeah I was in there!!!
Did u see me ? XD
I bet you dint cause I went back very early >__<
This is the third year I went for this event ,
but this year I went without my bestie yeekuan T.T
make me miss her even more T.T
because i went with her on previous 2 years sobss ... 

This year has nothing much different from previous years ,
the food and dance is still the same ,
its just a event for gathering with friend and picnic ;)

 Let me Introduce to you to the PARTY people in the STADIUM !
 group pic with high school friends!

pity boy , i take this down because he is just too cute in this post X)
I like this little girl too so cutee !!! X)
japanese with yukata or kimono? whatever ...

here I done my post ,
hope the next Bon Odori festival can have a better food next time !!

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