31 March, 2011

New Camera New Love ♥

Canon Ixus 300HS
Some photos taken by me using this camera ,
love the function and its mode of this camera!
I take this picture when the fan was moving!! awesomee ~
Camwhore pic is a must! hehe
Oh messy room haha >.<

30 March, 2011

Ben & Jerry's

Froyo Cherry Garcia 
Strong cherry taste with cherries inside 
and it filling with chocolate flakes .
No yogurt taste thought .

27 March, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

During the 1 hour light off for earth hour ,
I can only found some birthday candle ,
light up the candle and make a wish for a better world ~

24 March, 2011

pei shan birthday !

Guess who is this girl?
That's our Dai Gar Jie , PeiShan a.k.a Sotong!
21/3 was her 21st birthday ,
we celebrate with her in The Ship@Damansara Utama , 
the food was not bad ~
Chicken Au Chambertin
Rate : 7/10

ji mui <3
 group pic <3
ji mui again!! =D
Now need to study F8 cause I have PT special on next tuesday! 
wish me luck! <3

not a good day !

Today my class started at 11.45am until 2.45pm ,
but I went to college earlier because my sis's class start at 8.30am ,
so I straight away went to library pengsan/sleep from 8.30am until 11.00am..
Then I walked to pyramid to take away 
since I was hungry & I wan eat the McD breakfast so much .
However , I forgot Mcd was having the rm5 free 2 big breakfast promotion ,
the line was already very long when i queue up and when it comes to my turn ,
it sold out !! I feel like singing 'cause i have a bad day, ...'
When i walked back to class , I was already late for 10 minutes .. sigh..
I cannot eat in the class , so I wait until the class dismiss to eat the fillet o fish i take away from McD..
sobz T.T

I just hope I can drive to college soon ,
Then I can come to and go back from college anytime >~<
I am still a beginner for driving even thought I already change my P license ! =P

oh yeah edit this with webcam !
hoho i so famous d xD

23 March, 2011

BBQ day

19th march was yeekuan birthday , 
we went for BBQ twice in one day , 
lunch in Arisu@KD Korean BBQ and dinner in yk's home BBQ !!!
Here's the pictures!

Rate for the food : 5.5/10 
I will not going for second time d...
 Almond Caramel Cake

 oh yeah~ love the way we smile!

 this is EPIC! lol
 lucas was trying to show his colourful braces !
 playing bbq in yk house !
 time for beers! cheers !
group pic!! <3

I gave yeekuan a Teddy Bear !

So , I love kuan! haha 
sounds gay but i dont care!
Teehee =D

13 March, 2011


This is the first time i went jogoya ,
they having promotion now at half price ~~

I'm not in the mood to blog , just wan to post some pic in this post .. 
I only heard the Japan earthquake & tsunami news after i back from jogoya, 
I feel so bad for eating here while the tsunami and earthquake victim suffering out there ...
I wish I can join the rescue team to help them haizzz

However , there is still some thing we can do for the earth ! 
First , turn off your light on earth hour MARCH 26, 8.30-9.30pm !
Second , use Eco-friendly material !
Third , recycle ! 

Pray for Japan , Save the Earth .

05 March, 2011

My HelloKitty Souvenir

 Thanks to Brian & Tiff for their HK Trip souvenir!!
Look at this graduate style of hello kitty , 
I can start imagine myself graduating from ACCA now ~

Sanrio Hello Kitty ,
this is so cuteee <3