19 November, 2010

Canopy Walk !!

Hey to the Sunway Uni College student !
Do u know the CANOPY WALK connected from our college to Sunway Pyramid?
Its finally opening today!!
Me and my friend went to pyramid during our lunch break using that canopy walk ,
feel so EXCITED!! haha
But Pyramid is still Pyramid , 
everything is still same ,
just that we have more choice now for our breakfast and lunch =)
Sunway Pyramid have become our CAFETERIA

The ADVENTURE begin from here ....

we found the walk from EAST WING New Building in our college  ,
actually i got a bit worried when i see the metal floor so thin ,
seems like i think too much ><

On the Half Way , a westerner give us some random talk ,
see what he drink ? Coke!! 

We actually pass by the rides in Sunway Lagoon ,
so many people screaming when the ship turn 360 degree !~

Then we reach Pyramid after 5 minutes =D
hoho ~ thank you Sunway for building this for the student xD

13 November, 2010


This is going to be random post ,
post what i did today , 
because today would be a offday for me as for my study ,
tomorrow will be continue bac to study life ,
my study life is like facing the book for 12 hours a day ,
can u imagine that?
but 1/4 of the time was day dreaming =.=
and another 12 hours for Sleeping , Eating and Facebook-ing haixx !!
Lifeless , Lifeless , Lifeless !!
Why do i have to be an ACCA student? sucks!
I had counted that I have 23 days left for my Final exam ,
I was screaming inside my Heart 
and keep telling myself to study !!

okay okay enough ,
at least i went to watch R.E.D(Retired Extremely Dangerous) today ,
destress destress a bit ,
then bought a new shoes in Vincci I very happy d , 
feel like very confident to go in the exam hall now d ~~ 
U can ignored my post liao bye bye ~~

Fall In Love With Roses

Recently I love anything with roses ,
different colour of roses represent different meaning ,
I like light pink roses the most , 
they look so gentle and beautiful.

Coral Rose conveys desire
Lavender Roses symbolize love at first sight and enhancement
Orange Roses indicate enthusiasm, desire and fascination
Pink (Deep) says Thank You
Pink (Light) Rose conveys admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy and sweetness
Pink Rose carry the message of happiness, gracefulness and gentleness
Red Roses symbolize sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion
Red (Dark) Rose reveals unconscious beauty
Red (Single) means "I Love You" 
 Red & White Roses together signify unity
 Single Rose in any color expresses simplicity and gratitude
  White Roses express Purity/heavenly, secrecy, silence, innocence and charm
 White (Bridal) Rose symbolizes a happy love
 Yellow Roses indicate joy, gladness, friendship and "I Care"
     Yellow Rose with Red Tip indicates friendship falling in Love

 Aren't they look charming?
hoho ~ my earring are roses too  =D
I love it so muchiee !!
Even the Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji look so cool with his rose ;) 

08 November, 2010

SAGC Alumni Dinner

Date : 6 November 2010
Time : 7pm - 11pm
Venue : Sunway Lagoon Spa Resort and Hotel Lvl 15 Ballroom

SAGC alumni dinner was attended mostly by the ACCA graduates...
However , 
some of the acca student and previous acca student who already graduates long ago came back to joined the dinner for gathering ~
I saw many many faces which I am not familiar with !!
luckily i still have my friends with me and my classmates across the table .

At the very beginning of the dinner ,
the UK ACCA President was giving speech on the stage ,
but many people wasn't paying attention cause the noise from the crowd was getting louder as time past ...

After the speech ,
there is few performance like belly dance, beat box and etc 
We were busy eating with our food while enjoyed the show =)

They also have a Lucky Draw session ,
Prize included MacBook and Iphone4 ,
But i am not lucky enough to get it T.T

The dinner end at 11 something ,
we leave to MOS afterthat ,
as all the dinner attendee was giving free entry to MOS ...
told cha this was the first time i went MOS =_=
Inside is quite small and very dark ~.~
hard to see anything !! 
Then we left at 12.30 as we have nothing to do inside >.<

Outside the ballroom at Level 15

Black v White Group

 why i look so tiny ~.~

Siew sin , Jessica and Me

Me and Sean Tan

 Inside the Ballroom

 It was an Awesome Night !

07 November, 2010

whats coming next?

Whats next?

SAGC ( Sunway Accountancy Graduate Club ) Alumni Dinner

❤ Earrings ❤


Dessert of the Month =D

Tutti Fruity
Finally i get to update my tutti fruity post!
I went to the KD branch with my bestie yeekuannn !! 
We purchased a voucher from Groupsmore that give us rm5 discount!! 
so happy !! =D
the flavor i have is Chocolate Raspberry and Tutti Fruity Special XD

Coco Loco 
I dint really like it personally , 
not sweet enough !!

01 November, 2010

One Week Short Break

 Finally today we start to back to college and have our edc/efc class ,
one week break passes so quickly ,
it passed so fast until i dint realised what i have done for that week ... 
Let me try to recall it from my memory ~

One week back then ,
I was so happy with the Short Break/Study Week gave by Sunway-TES after mock exam ,
but this meant was the time for me to stay at home and face my book ,
I did it but only for a while , 
that's because I can't resist from my computer ,
facebook,msn,twitter,hotmail,pps,weibo,etc are all distraction for my study ... 
Consistent study seems to be like a mission that hard to accomplished,
and I study according to my mood =_=

The show i watch for this whole week is a Korean Entertainment Show call RunningMan ,
It make me laugh non stop and make me look like a mad person !!
But thanks god , that's the thing that keep me laughing that week =D
I cant wait for the next episode to come out ,
I feel like want to learn Korean so much so that I no need to wait for the subtitle ,
hmm hmm hmm ... 
 The good thing is I can stick my ass to my chair and start study for final exam now !

Then come to the weekend ,
Saturday i went out with my buddy for sushi and window shopping on afternoon ,
At night , 
I went to my coursemate Surprise Birthday Party planned by their bestie =D


Sunday was Halloween Day ,
people on the street dress up with all kind of Halloween costume ,
I dint went for any party thought ,
felt like going MOS Halloween night but i am sure it wouldn't happened T.T
So , I make it my day a BR day !! 31% off on 31st !!
Ice cream give me happiness =D
yk , agree with me right? =D

So now ,
I really need to make November and December my study month !!
I need to make sure that i can pass this two papers i take this sem !!
All the best to CAT and ACCA student for the coming final exam !!