01 November, 2010

One Week Short Break

 Finally today we start to back to college and have our edc/efc class ,
one week break passes so quickly ,
it passed so fast until i dint realised what i have done for that week ... 
Let me try to recall it from my memory ~

One week back then ,
I was so happy with the Short Break/Study Week gave by Sunway-TES after mock exam ,
but this meant was the time for me to stay at home and face my book ,
I did it but only for a while , 
that's because I can't resist from my computer ,
facebook,msn,twitter,hotmail,pps,weibo,etc are all distraction for my study ... 
Consistent study seems to be like a mission that hard to accomplished,
and I study according to my mood =_=

The show i watch for this whole week is a Korean Entertainment Show call RunningMan ,
It make me laugh non stop and make me look like a mad person !!
But thanks god , that's the thing that keep me laughing that week =D
I cant wait for the next episode to come out ,
I feel like want to learn Korean so much so that I no need to wait for the subtitle ,
hmm hmm hmm ... 
 The good thing is I can stick my ass to my chair and start study for final exam now !

Then come to the weekend ,
Saturday i went out with my buddy for sushi and window shopping on afternoon ,
At night , 
I went to my coursemate Surprise Birthday Party planned by their bestie =D


Sunday was Halloween Day ,
people on the street dress up with all kind of Halloween costume ,
I dint went for any party thought ,
felt like going MOS Halloween night but i am sure it wouldn't happened T.T
So , I make it my day a BR day !! 31% off on 31st !!
Ice cream give me happiness =D
yk , agree with me right? =D

So now ,
I really need to make November and December my study month !!
I need to make sure that i can pass this two papers i take this sem !!
All the best to CAT and ACCA student for the coming final exam !! 

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