13 November, 2010

Fall In Love With Roses

Recently I love anything with roses ,
different colour of roses represent different meaning ,
I like light pink roses the most , 
they look so gentle and beautiful.

Coral Rose conveys desire
Lavender Roses symbolize love at first sight and enhancement
Orange Roses indicate enthusiasm, desire and fascination
Pink (Deep) says Thank You
Pink (Light) Rose conveys admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy and sweetness
Pink Rose carry the message of happiness, gracefulness and gentleness
Red Roses symbolize sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion
Red (Dark) Rose reveals unconscious beauty
Red (Single) means "I Love You" 
 Red & White Roses together signify unity
 Single Rose in any color expresses simplicity and gratitude
  White Roses express Purity/heavenly, secrecy, silence, innocence and charm
 White (Bridal) Rose symbolizes a happy love
 Yellow Roses indicate joy, gladness, friendship and "I Care"
     Yellow Rose with Red Tip indicates friendship falling in Love

 Aren't they look charming?
hoho ~ my earring are roses too  =D
I love it so muchiee !!
Even the Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji look so cool with his rose ;) 

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