19 November, 2010

Canopy Walk !!

Hey to the Sunway Uni College student !
Do u know the CANOPY WALK connected from our college to Sunway Pyramid?
Its finally opening today!!
Me and my friend went to pyramid during our lunch break using that canopy walk ,
feel so EXCITED!! haha
But Pyramid is still Pyramid , 
everything is still same ,
just that we have more choice now for our breakfast and lunch =)
Sunway Pyramid have become our CAFETERIA

The ADVENTURE begin from here ....

we found the walk from EAST WING New Building in our college  ,
actually i got a bit worried when i see the metal floor so thin ,
seems like i think too much ><

On the Half Way , a westerner give us some random talk ,
see what he drink ? Coke!! 

We actually pass by the rides in Sunway Lagoon ,
so many people screaming when the ship turn 360 degree !~

Then we reach Pyramid after 5 minutes =D
hoho ~ thank you Sunway for building this for the student xD

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