30 April, 2011

My Birthday Eve with Family

I am officially enter into 20 years old now!!  
I'm glad that my birthday is on Holiday ,
cause my family have the time to celebrate with me :D

My birthday pedicure <3

I also wan to thanks to my sis for rejecting her friend's party for me =)
Love you forever <3

We went to Look Out Point@Ampang yesterday ,
we choose the western food restaurant =)
 The food so so only haha

family pic

The night view 

I dont look like 20 right? hehe

23 April, 2011

When I face the book

When I face the book
 I just keep reading ...
 After 1 hour , I cant take it anymore ...
Out of sudden ,
Cadbury Dark Chocolate appear infront of me!
I took it and make a bite on it ~ yumyum~
I feel energetic and smiling again =)

Happy studying to every ACCA student ,
together we can make it !!
Lets pass our exam together!!

22 April, 2011

Fairly Legal Screening

Time : 6.30 onwards
Venue : Ecoba Restaurant and Bar at PJ Trade Centre
Event : Fairly Legal Screening

Jolyn and me went to Ecoba at 6.30pm ,
we register at the counter and we get goodies from Diva Universal!!
Then we find ourself a seat then start taking pictures and camwhoring xD
snack snackss ~
 potato chips

 bread cheese stick come with sause

our orange juices

my red wine ! but i couldn't finish it ><
they also serve beer but i forget to take pic ahhh
jolyn n me <3

Our emcee on that night is Serena C ,
this is the second time i see her in real person ~
 Then we met another blogger -mayling ,
this is the pic i take from her facebook xD
They also serve us the finger food =)
I like the blackpepper tuna =D

Jolyn and me left earlier before the series end ,
I only watch half of it ,
so no comment! haha >.<

16 April, 2011

Outdoor Yoga

Time : 7.30am-9.00am
Venue : Tropicana Club House
Event : Outdoor Yoga for charity purpose to help japan tsunami earthquake victim
me and yeekuan posing with our 'Yoga for JAPAN' sticker
This is the my first pony tail hairstyle pic i post online ~

Another Yoga Pose Inspired by Nigahiga
*pic deleted due to the complain by my sis*
 please bare for my randomness haha xD

In case of you dont know of wat I am talking , here's the related videos !
Old Ninja Video by nigahiga

Latest Ninja Video by nigahiga

15 April, 2011

Dear Diary ,

Sleeping Day , No class .

watch ep.17 of Vampire Diaries Season 2( wait for 1 month + )
almost cried out when i saw the new ep on the list T.T

I went for Scream4 screening invited by Jolyn ,
thank you so much for inviting me ,
this is the third screening i went with her .

The killer is the most unsuspected 1 ,
he/she doesnt look like a killer at all when the story reveal the killer ...
I get frightened for few times during the movie ,
but i was still able to get a good night sleep that night =)
I guess I am getting better to overcome this kind of horror / killer movie =D
haha thanks to jolyn again !

Ji Mui Chewyonyong's Birthday Celebration
 Ipad Menu

girls pic in the toilet LOL

from left : me , cyy the birthday boy , siew sin

Group pic <3
I am not going to intro u guys the restaurant because its sucks!
Despite of the sport car theme design ,
the food the service is bad !!
not going for second time anymore!

 nothing on the friday Haha


Today I go for HPV injection ,
its a vaccine for cervical cancer protection .
Now still feel a little bit pain on my arm ,
hope it can recover before i go outdoor Yoga tomorrow ~

09 April, 2011

My new kiddy hairstyle !

It has always been a hard decision for me to cut for my fringe ,
but finally I made up to my mind to cut it yerterday!!!
and now here I am with my kiddy look fringe new hair style xD

Say goodbye to my long fringe T.T
I am back to 16 years old again haha
Hope I will get used to it soon =)

08 April, 2011

Lunch in JoJo with Two Jo

Three of us me , my sis and jolyn went to JoJo restaurant for lunch today ,
We ordered our favourite chili pan mee <3

 yummehhh !!slurpp ~
 Jolyn's Three Layer Tea
My Soyabean

Jolyn look so serious when she take pictures X) 
 My chilli panmee with me LOL
can see my pimples? ~.~
Joyin showing her chilli panmee too~

Since JYJ already taken by Junsu,Jejung and Yuchun ,
we should form another girl group name as JFJ ( jolyn , felicia and joyin ) !! xD
This is such a good idea~ xD hehe

Then we watch Source Code in GSC @ One U

nice story , its not bad ~~
worth watching =)

03 April, 2011

My Weekend in Taiping

Flemington  SkyBar

We went to many food stall in Taiping and Kamunting , 
this is the food that i have been craving since my childhood .

The main purpose of going back taiping this weekend is for the chingming festival   ,
its a festival for Chinese people visit the graves or burial grounds of their ancestors.
We went to visit my grandfather and great grandmother's graves to pray and burn some paper-made money and gold for them.