08 April, 2011

Lunch in JoJo with Two Jo

Three of us me , my sis and jolyn went to JoJo restaurant for lunch today ,
We ordered our favourite chili pan mee <3

 yummehhh !!slurpp ~
 Jolyn's Three Layer Tea
My Soyabean

Jolyn look so serious when she take pictures X) 
 My chilli panmee with me LOL
can see my pimples? ~.~
Joyin showing her chilli panmee too~

Since JYJ already taken by Junsu,Jejung and Yuchun ,
we should form another girl group name as JFJ ( jolyn , felicia and joyin ) !! xD
This is such a good idea~ xD hehe

Then we watch Source Code in GSC @ One U

nice story , its not bad ~~
worth watching =)


  1. jolyn and joyin... lol... bun bun always so serious when taking pictures! :P