15 April, 2011

Dear Diary ,

Sleeping Day , No class .

watch ep.17 of Vampire Diaries Season 2( wait for 1 month + )
almost cried out when i saw the new ep on the list T.T

I went for Scream4 screening invited by Jolyn ,
thank you so much for inviting me ,
this is the third screening i went with her .

The killer is the most unsuspected 1 ,
he/she doesnt look like a killer at all when the story reveal the killer ...
I get frightened for few times during the movie ,
but i was still able to get a good night sleep that night =)
I guess I am getting better to overcome this kind of horror / killer movie =D
haha thanks to jolyn again !

Ji Mui Chewyonyong's Birthday Celebration
 Ipad Menu

girls pic in the toilet LOL

from left : me , cyy the birthday boy , siew sin

Group pic <3
I am not going to intro u guys the restaurant because its sucks!
Despite of the sport car theme design ,
the food the service is bad !!
not going for second time anymore!

 nothing on the friday Haha


Today I go for HPV injection ,
its a vaccine for cervical cancer protection .
Now still feel a little bit pain on my arm ,
hope it can recover before i go outdoor Yoga tomorrow ~

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