29 June, 2009

first experience on working...

Its was more tired than i thought..
this makes me understand money are hard to earn...
every single dollars i spend would make me hesitated..
i ate 2 donuts for supper on yesterday night..
finally i hav time to rest on today...

college is going to start on 6th july..
hope the new coming papers wont be hard..
wish i can understand all.. XD

21 June, 2009

yo yo.. Fathers day at midvalley

I claimed my prize give by CLEO magazine in midvalley
its a day and night cream for dark circle and eye tightens which worth rm195..
Instead of finding parking in the parking lot..
we paid for the jockey parking..
we were waiting for the staff to drove our car to the main entrance when going back

mummy and sis

me sitting on the stone
My dad took pic for us instead of himself..

besides, i bought 2 nails colour in eliento ..

we eat steamboat at home when dinner ..
its D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!
my mom cook is definitely much better than outside foods!
as it is made with ♥ L.O.V.E♥ !

20 June, 2009

T2 Examination

Getting exempted from T1 makes me waiting like hell in Library

I came to college at 8.30am but my exam for T2 start at 1.00pm

Venice and siew sin came to joined me after their T1 paper

We entered the examination room at 12.50pm

we are given 2 hours to do the paper..

I finished it when the time still remaining 15 minutes

I got 80 marks for T2..

same as venice... what a coincidence.. maybe thats called FATE

take a pic when going back home
as a memory for my victory

Bye Bye Mr. Cheah! We will ''MISS'' you a lot.. Sayonara!

P.S GamBateh Suk Ling!
Be strong no matter how hard it is!
We are here to support u!

16 June, 2009

CAT G.10 Lunch in Rock Cafe

My Class - CAT group 10 a.k.a miow miow gang..

Me , suk ling , Tiff

everyone is here except the camera holder (suk Ling)

Pei shan and siew sin XD i wan to take pic with u too!

wah lucky shot!

Mei Shan Blek-ing..

woah.. leng lui here.. 对面的女孩看过來


08 June, 2009

I want to be '17 again' !

while we pass by the old wings in OU,
we saw a lot of lam fung and kar yan 's fans waiting there..
soon they enter the stage,
but i am only manage to see them as small as my finger..
we head to the new wings after that..

We plan to buy 2pm show but its out of seats..
4pm show has no seats left too...
we buy the 6pm show at the end..
we are desparate to see ZAC EFRON!
he is HOT !
I see teck nam while we queue up..
i am hesitate to say hi...
eventually i gave up..
we met each others for the 1st time on last friday..
Not even a friend yet..
so its strange to do that u know..
i wan to give my apologize here.. Gomenasai!

Before the movie start, we go to 'Little cravings' to eat our dinner..
i order a bowl of porridge
the price is reasonable..

trying to take a pic of myself ..
ntg to do when waiting in the restaurant

sis and me

05 June, 2009

I am Sick of Exam !

i've just finished my mock exam today..
T2 paper was harder than i thought..
i cant get the answer for some questions...
It made me so tired..
All the complex calculation and theory!
i am sick of it!
I just wan a pass ..
dint hope for much..
I need TIME to take a breath..
Hope the coming CAT T2 real exam will be fine..
During the lunch time in Sakae ,
i though everything was going to be as usual...
just 5 of us...
tze yong and suk ling's friend , 'der nan'(i think i spelled it wrong)comes to join us...