08 June, 2009

I want to be '17 again' !

while we pass by the old wings in OU,
we saw a lot of lam fung and kar yan 's fans waiting there..
soon they enter the stage,
but i am only manage to see them as small as my finger..
we head to the new wings after that..

We plan to buy 2pm show but its out of seats..
4pm show has no seats left too...
we buy the 6pm show at the end..
we are desparate to see ZAC EFRON!
he is HOT !
I see teck nam while we queue up..
i am hesitate to say hi...
eventually i gave up..
we met each others for the 1st time on last friday..
Not even a friend yet..
so its strange to do that u know..
i wan to give my apologize here.. Gomenasai!

Before the movie start, we go to 'Little cravings' to eat our dinner..
i order a bowl of porridge
the price is reasonable..

trying to take a pic of myself ..
ntg to do when waiting in the restaurant

sis and me

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