30 August, 2010

Hello Kitty Showcase @ Sg,Wang

Location : Sungei Wang Plaza in MY SQUARE (1st floor)

I got an invitation in fb to the new opening shop in sg.wang ,
so decided to pay a visit to the shop ,
because i am so Deeply,Madly,Truly in love with Hello Kitty !!
At first i thought its a shop for selling hello kitty stuff only ,
but ended up just 1 showcase for hello kitty out of many of them ~
actually they have variety of stuff inside there ~

I bought a Limited Edition Hello Kitty Purse ( according to the shop owner ) !
Wuulala ~

My new purse ~~
❤ Love it so muchhhhhh ❤

29 August, 2010

Going The Distance and Step Up 3

Going the distance

I am crazy about you ... I'm crazy about u too =)

act by Drew Barrymore and Justin Long ,
it is a good romantic comedy ,
but the jokes is more suitable for couples and adults ~

Thanks to Jolyn aka ah ling , my beloved cousin ,
I was able to watch this movie on the premiere that invited by nuffnang ~
Wowwwwwww ~~ First time for me to watch for premiere ><
During the preparation before the movie ,
I put on my Definite Fake Eyelashes successfully after few attempts ~

Step Up 3

the movie has a nice trailer ! must watch ~

This is a movie full of dancing and love story ~
your body feel like wan to move along when they dance ~
the main actress , Sharni Vinson is so pretty and hot in the movie ~~

Moe de Cafe @ Sunway Giza

Moe De Cafe

Last night i was being called by my coursemate to yum cha @ moe de cafe , Sunway Giza .
The colored lightning trees seek my attention at the first time ,
so we decided to get in there for our gathering ~

After a while when everyone started feeling bored and stopped playing with their handphones,
someone suggest to play the 'Killer' game and ' True or Dare' for the punishment for the loser~
I feel relieved when i dint get the killer card LOL

The beer that ordered by calvin and sean ,
taste better than i thought =)

the waitress in the restaurant are all in french maid costume ,
and there are also shelves of comic inside the restaurant ~

taken from someone blog ~

My drinks

~ Ice blended chocolate with ice cream on top ~

Uh hoo ~ tonight gonna be a good good night ~

27 August, 2010

CAT completed

Finally passed my CAT T7,T8 and T9 with satisfied results ,
can't believe i am in the 28% world pass rates for T8 ,
I guess I am LUCKY huh?
CAT completed !! it took me like around 1 year and 2 months ~
However , I am not feeling happy but content ,
because of some of my friend not able to make through ...
I believe that no matter what ,
distance will not make us apart but closer =)
I wish them luck for their final exam and I promise that i will do my BEST for the coming December External Exam ! Counting down in 3 months time, tik tok tik tok ~

The good news is , I am officially an ACCA student now =)

By the way ,
I already dropped F6 Tax subject in order to aim for my first class OBU degree =)
I know this is a very high aim but i will try to achieve it =)

14 August, 2010

SHA-UN's Birthday


That day is a 13 and a friday ~
perhaps its not a good day ,
the weather not good either , keep raining all the way ~

Anyway we are not supposed to be superstitious ,
we should be happy because its my classmates, CHEW YU SHAUN's birthday LOL

Most of us are broke , its a financial crisis period~
In order to get into the Karaoke session ,
we choose to eat something cheaper for lunch @ Pizza Hut !
Then only we went to Amp Square Karaoke !!
[ blonde, mei shan , jacky, tiff, brian, shaun, mann, siew sin, sean , suk ling, chew yong , pei shan , chun ee , wai kuin, jessica and me ]
16 people in 1 room ?
So we got a Big room ~

~ Pictures ~

The Birthday boy and me =)

~ the huge K room ~
* the girl in Blonde hair = Siew sin *

Jessica so hardcore for her LADY GAGA and LAM FUNG xD
Seriously , the songs we sing quite emo LOL
I also realized i dint take pic for the cake and the present =_=''

~ Jessica and me ~

suk ling , pei shan and me =)

me , pei shan and suk ling

I love my dress and heels


Again , I love my DRESS!!!! hahahahahahahah

Coffee Ritual and Tekken

Today i meet up with my cousin jolyn and bu3 classmates yeekuan , pi han , tong keat & hon leong~

hope they dont mind i upload their pics hehe xD

We went to Coffee Ritual for lunch ,
I ordered Fish and chips + Wild Tribe Moka ~
I like the Moka drinkss ~~!!

I like the smile of pi han at the corner of pic =)

I felt guilty when HL said he wan face F9 textbook while i havent really start my revision yet >_<

After all the things done up in Coffee Ritual ,
we went to TC mall for movie ,
we choose TEKKEN ,
because i wan see the leng zai and leng lui inside haha ~
but i think only Jon Foo ( Jin ) the main character suit my taste haha xD
and the story line so so only ~

Pictures of my girls =)

me, yeekuan and jolyn

jolyn and me =) i like her shirt !!

~ kuan and jo ~

me and kuan bestie forever XOXO !!

11 August, 2010


Rate : 7.5/10

Evelyn Salt , starring by Angelina Jolie ,
who is accused of being a KGB sleeper agent , and goes on the run to try to clear her name~

This is an another 'no ending' movie ,
but i was pretty satisfied with the plot and the visual effect of the movie =)
Jolie look cool and sexy in the movie even thought she is getting older now ~

07 August, 2010



This place is so good with its cupcakes and milk ,
plus a great place for chatting with its good environment ~
me and kuan was having a great time for discussing our plan in there =)

I love the blueberry cheese flavor the most!! Its also the last when i bought !

Ice baby Latte & Butterscotch Milk ❤

yeekuan & me

❤ jelly belly beans ❤

06 August, 2010

After Test

Today was the last paper F4 for PT1 ,
so many people skipped the test ,WTH~!!
this is so unfair T.T

After the test ,
Same as usual , we went Pyramid again !!
Dinner together with coursemate without Pei shan with us ,
kind of miss her >.< hope she recover soon ~ !!

Then time for shopping !
me and siew sin was so tired to walk with heels but cant get enough of what we looking for!!
eventually I bought a new shirt and skirt =)

Tea time at night in FRAMES , sunway pyramid ~
Love the frames on the wall ~

Life feels so good when we have a break like this =)

01 August, 2010



我恨我 我不知道想要什麼
我不知道擁有什麼 可能我們都寂寞

走過馬路的我說 一個人寂寞 兩個人寂寞

可能我 我不知道擁有什麼
而我又缺少什麼 我還怕什麼 OOH 怕什麼
我不知道愛算什麼 YEAH
而我又算什麼 我們都寂寞

Song title : Impossible

It's impossible

It's impossible to love you
If you don't let me know what you're feeling
It's impossible for me to give you what you need
If you're always hidin' from me

I don't know what hurt you
I just, I wanna make it right
Cos boy I'm sick and tired of trying to read your mind
It's impossible (impossible)
Oh baby it's impossible for me to love you
It's the way it is
It's impossible (impossible)
Oh baby it's impossible
If you makin' it this way