22 February, 2011

Acca Results!


Now I wan to officially announced that I pass my 2 papers F4 & F5 ~!
That day was a long day ,
I remember the time was passing so slow when I was going to check my results~
The moment when my friend opened the email for me,
it was totally unexpected for my F5 paper marks ,
I dint really finish the last theory question >.<
and I felt lucky for passing my law paper !!! thank god!!!

The day before the result was out , 
I went to for a drinks wit sis in DOME , 
spend for rm18 for a iced choc , 
should go for Starbucks instead ><
Anyway , I love Cream and Ice Cream on Top !!

 My Iced Chocolate

Sis Hot Chocolate

So , I take 1 day to celebrate for the passing results , 
I went for 'The Mechanic' movie with my friend n lunch n dessert !!!
No idea why i eat so much recently ~

Now I also start preparing for the coming Progress Test ,
it is like around 8days left? 
Internal or External exam? 
I am gonna take it seriously for both!!!

14 February, 2011

My Valentine

 wearing black on valentine day~

my sis is my valentine date !!
we were spying on the couples in OneU hehe
Valentine Present for both of us 
We watched ShaoLin ,
make me cry 2 times T.T 

13 February, 2011

CNY with Bu3 Gang

This is the BEST 'cny home visit' I have so far with my friends , 
never going to forget this day ,
it give us a lot of laughter n sweet memories
and spamming fb notifications !! LOL

We went to 6 house in total which include Tian hse , Ming Wei hse , Lucas hse , Kuan hse , Chunkit hse and My house !
We out from 12pm to 12.30am midnight ~ 
Ming wei , Tian and Lucas are our driver =D 
I need to thanks to their contribution for this outing!! muacks !!

We also did a lot of camwhore n video cam session ~!!

Yu Tian House
 ChunKit House
 Lucas House

 YeeKuan House
 I like this group pic the most!

My house

all pengsan d lol


Introduction for Lucas Tortoise

CNY with coursemate

We went to ChewYong , SukLing , SiewSin , Brian Tiff , SeanTan , Calvin , MeiShan and My House .
Hav a lot of fun & I take quite lot of ang pau XD 
I think I am going to miss CNY after it end

 Lou Sang in Calvin's Restaurant , 
we did the same like last year too !
 mann n yong , 
look like a 'looking good' couple haha
 mei shan appear !!!
 This is EPIC! 
Brian with his SuperMan Style !

Last but not Least ,  I like this pic the most among all!!!
we are so united haha

06 February, 2011

Mum's Birthday ❤

 Happy Birthday Mummy!!! 
I LOVE YOU !!! ❤

My mum birthday is on the fourth day of chinese new year ,
we plan everything on last minute , 
only to give her a birthday surprise ~
 The cake so expensive during CNY T.T
 aunt n mum
 grandma cooking dish ~ yum yum~
The Big Teddy Bear we give her for her birthday present =D
I know she like it! hehe

Chinese New Year

Third Day

We went to a temple for praying on this morning
 I really love the curry mee in Taiping
Banana Split in Panorama Hotel
It feel so good to have something icy on this Hot chinese new year!

We went back to PJ on the afternoon and we meet the traffic jam .
My dad start driving from 3.30 until 10.30 !!! 
We feel so tired after we reach home!! 
So good to be back again!! I miss Home ❤

Chinese New Year

First Day
This is the first 2 red packet I got this year , 
which gave by my parent =D

 Our CNY breakfast !! McD !! LoL

We were going back hometown , Taiping on the morning 10.30am

 New Manicure , New Dress , New Bag !!

After we reach Taiping , 
we visit our relatives house by house hehe
 15 years back ~  time flies~
 the kids are so cutee

Second Day


Family Dinner

 Lou Sang ~

 WEBCAM - ING with cousin!!!

02 February, 2011

My day with Cousin ❤

It has been such a long time since our last meeting , 
we went to Garden this time for tea and shop !!
However , only me and Jolyn get ourselves a eyeliner pencil in the end of the day .

During our tea time ,
we have a chatting session in ALEXIS .
This is the first time i tried the cake in Alexis ,
it turn out to be better than i expected .

❤ My Pavlova
Alexis Cake
Group Pic!!!

 Now introduce you the SAW SISTER!

Our Driver !!
Sexy Back~~