26 July, 2010

Sungha Jung 정성하

Sungha Jung ( 정성하 )
is a 14 years old south korean prodigy guitarist who has risen to fame on youtube and other sites, mainly through the South Korean audience.

He had started to learn guitar since 3 years old at the first time he saw his dad playing ~
it only takes him 3 days to learn a new song ,
he has a god gifted talent !!

I was already fall in love for him since 2 years ago the first time i watch his video in youtube ,
and now he has became famous worldwide ~

~ My favorite video of Sungha jung~

More than words (extreme )

Haru Haru

official website of sungha jung

24 July, 2010

Foot Reflexology

Traditional Chinese Foot Reflexology
My first time for foot reflexology ! wulala~
so SYOK!! hahahaha

this is not my leg~!!

What to do on the weekend?
Foot reflexology !!
Not study pls~
My daddy take us to KL VALLEY in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail ~
the centre for the foot reflexology ,
i advice that better do booking before going there ,
cause we have wait for around 20 minutes ,
too many customers d ~
Most of the staff in there is from CHINA ,
but got customer from everywhere like japanese , western , chinese , malay , indian ~
I think i can do my yoga tmr better after all the message xD

P.S. syok sendiri when the staff tell me '你好漂亮' xD
even thought i know its just a sales methodology for them to attract the customer lol ~

21 July, 2010



Rate : 9/10

Its the best movie of the year !!
I really got impressive by the writer for this movie =)
The 1 i din't give was because of the ending ,
the top just stayed spinning in the end ,
means he was still in the dream ??
thought it doesnt matter to him anymore cause he just want to be with his children in whatever place he can be with them ,
but the children can never see their father in reality again , sad ~

Perhaps, i can try to invade ppl's dream and steal their secrets ,
even try to make an inception xD
I need an architecture !! people who interested pls contact me xD


Before the movie , I went to CANTON-I with friends for my lunch ~
I like the egg tarts and the flower teas ~~

the wan tan mee not so good >.<

egg tart super like it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Flower teas for me and siew sin =)

CYY's dessert ~~

18 July, 2010

Bon odori and Gathering

5C gathering
Date : 17 july saturday
Location : one utama shopping centre
People : me, yee kuan , chun kit, kelly , gin leon , pi h
an , cheng fai, lucas , chun chiar , chok tong and wai yi

Lunch @ Delicious and Honeymoon
Movie @ TGV for '' Despicable me "
[ Quote from agn
es ]

*Gru: [to the girls] You will not cry, or sneeze or barf or fart! No annoying sounds.
Agnes: Does this count as annoying?
[puckles her cheeks]

she is so cuteee !!!!

I feel like i hav back to 5C my secondary class in this gathering
Somehow , everyone is still the same ~
keep in touch !! ❤

Bon Odori Festival

Date : 17 july saturday
Location : Matsushita Corp Stadium in Shah Alam
People : Me , yee kuan and her 3 sisters , gin leon , pi han , lucas , tian and her gang >.<

This year we went very late and had to stuck in the middle of traffic jam when going there and coming back ,
next time need to plan earlier ~
Kah Kit was not here with us this year ,
got a feeling like something is missing ~


No.1 green tea ice cream in Bon odori festival lol~

17 July, 2010

Geo lens

Sometime ,
expensive stuff dont really mean it has a good quality ,
this had happened on my contact lens ~
My freshlook colour contact lens 2 pairs cracked within 5 days ~
and it also blocked my vision and very dry ~~

Eventually i decide to try on Geo lens ,
since many of my friends recommend that and say its better than freshlook colour lens ~
I really feel more comfortable with this ~

my hard work for painting my nails !!

❤ ribbon in milky pink ❤

14 July, 2010

Fullhouse @ Sunway Giza

The new opening Fullhouse in Sunway Giza located in Kota Damansara !!
In my own opinion , their interior design is better than other branches ,
but the variety of food is still the same LOL~
The restaurant seek my attention at the first sight !!

My food : Pan Dory Fish

I get a new Stereophone from the shop!!

Having lunch in there with pei shan and chew yong yong after class ^.^

08 July, 2010


I watch it on the First day of showing in cinema !!
Althought there is some changes in the movie ,
I like the movie just like the book,
the ' Imprinting ' that Jabob mentioned ,
I wonder hows that feel like ~
Between of that ,
I envy Bella so much !! She got 2 good looking guy who really loves her so much !!
When is mine going to appear in front of me? ><
Sighed ~

04 July, 2010

Another Late Birthday Present

It was gave by my best friend Yee Kuannn XD
I like the hat so muchie ~
so Kawaii ~

I just went SASA to get few pieces of face masks for myself ^^
I know the days for ACCA going to be tough !!
Its a preparation for against premature aging .. LOL!

Tomorrow will the the starting for New Semester ,
Sunway Batches I got when submit the admission ~
I think it look kinda nice~

03 July, 2010

Saturday Outing

Did i told u guys that I just received my
"FreshLook Illuminate 1-day trial daily lens"?

Finally I tried it on today and it turned out to be like this !

yesterday i just learned how to paint flower on nails ,
this is my first try not perfect thought ~

In One-U ,
I get to meet my girls ( yeekuan , jiamin, sherli and jolyn ) on lunch time today ,
We went GARDEN after discussed what to eat for about 1 hou
r !!
and also HONEYMOON for dessert ! Durian again XD

My New Bottle