22 February, 2010

CAT T3,T4,T5,T6 Results!!!

Yes!!!Thanks God for letting me PASS all the papers ,
Especially T5!!

Besides , I also wan to thanks to those who help me before in my studies like :
-My Family whose giving me supports all the time ~~
-Lecturer : Ms.Wong , Mr.Jana , Ms.Grace and Ms.Teh ~~
-My Classmates : Jessica , Pei shan , siew sin , yong and more ~~
-My Senior - Hong leong for lending me the Mindmaps and Jay Han who found my Textbook >.<

Feel Upset for my Friends ,
Hope that we can still remain together in the same class,
thats what i hope T.T
I pray for my results will not change by the ACCA official@.@

Visit Friends during CNY

Went to Yu tian , Lucas, Tong Keat , Sok Yue and Kah Kit House from the morning till night,
Take the Ang Pau , then give some wishes,
Play Chor Dai Di and Blackjack~~
Eat the CNY cookies and drinks ~~

In the evening , we was invited to Tzyy Ying's Open House ,
I like her house interior design ^.^
For the first time , i was trying out Beer

Went to Siew sin and Brian & Tiffany House ,
Lose rm20 to my Ji Mui Yong>.<
Luckily got Ang Pau Money can Cover Back XD
went BBQ Plaza for dinner ~~

Watch Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief wit Jolyn and Jane
Bought 3 Pairs of Freshlook Colour Contact Lens !!
But look a little bit blur after i try it out ,
hope can get use to it soon ^.^

Went to Wan Joe House from 9.30pm until midnight !!
Listen him chui shui(吹水) all the night ~~

Next round we was planning to watch movie ,
but in the end my mum catch me bac home T.T

18 February, 2010

CNY in Taiping

My hometown

In Fleminton Hotel in front of Taiping Lake

My Toy during CNY XD

Sis and Me

12 February, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 新年快乐

Happy Chinese New Year ^.^

祝大家新年快乐,恭喜发财,财源滚滚,万事如意,年年有余,情情如意,运运亨通,身体健康,出入平安,长命百岁,青春永驻, 学业进步,步步高升,新年大吉,十分美满,幸福美满,健康快乐,好运长伴,财源广进,合家欢乐,生活美满,事业有成,珠玉满堂,多寿多富,财大气粗,攻无不克,战无不胜,心想事成,安居乐业, 业和邦兴, 兴旺发达, 大吉大利, 力争上游, 游刃有余,一如既往,二人同心,三口之家,四季欢唱,五福临门,六六顺意,七喜来财,八方鸿运,九九吉祥!!!!!!!

开心吗?那就红包拿来吧!! Give me Ang Pau!! XD

11 February, 2010

Before CNY

CNY Hamper & CNY cookies

Fel : Happy Chinese New Year to All of you ~~ Remember to giv my Ang Pau XD

Pavillion, Sg.Wang, Timesquare

Nah , this was siew sin suggestion !!
SHopPing in Sg.Wang & Timesquare !!
But In the end , I got Nothing!!! T.T

Before we start walking to Sg.wang and Timesquare ,
We was watching Wolfman in Pavillion GSC &
Lunch in Pavillion Sakae ~~
But the sushi not so nice lur >.<

After that , I take dinner with my course-mate in
Pavillion food court ,
discussing for the revision of F4 subject ~~
But the other gang still in T8~~
Pity them wahaha~~

Sing K in Neway

KK and Yu tian came to fetch me in the morning at 11 something ,
I was overslept ~~
They make thousands of calls and sms also cant wake me up ,
I really Lazy like pig =.=

Dav and GX was already in Neway singing ~~
Then only we joined in XD
Tian bring her Canon camera take pic for us ,
but i found out i got some pic very yong sui ,
thats why i block my face when taking the pic haha XD
I tried to sing louder but still cant heard my sound ,
next time i am going to try harder !! Maybe going to shout!!

After the Sing K session finish ,
We went out to buy tickets for The Spy Next Door ,
KK and Dav 's friend came to joined us for movie ,
Her name is Kek Kek ~~ Nice to meet u oo ^.^

During Dinner time ,
Dav be the driver ,
Fetched us go Ming Tian eat eat haha~~
They were going to DOTA next round ,
But all the girls went back home haha XD
I have nice day ^.^

09 February, 2010

Holidays for CNY XD

Yeah~~ Finally the PT1 is over ,
Holidays going to start from today until 21 Feb ,
Schedules :
Sing K,
Shopping ,
CNY ( Ang Pau Wakaka xD) & Valentine ( Lets get a party for single Lady xD) ,
Books & Movies ,
Revisions , Results announcement ...

Unlike few days ago ,
I wasn't feeling guilty anymore when i open my FaceBoOk ^.^
The next thing i did was watching Time Traveler's Wife ,
A nice movie , Regret that i dint watch it in Theater ,
I think it is the best movie for 2009 compare with Avatar, Transformers 2 , etc ...
From now on , I will treasure time much more than i do before ~~

05 February, 2010

Stupid Progress Test

Today just finished T7 test ,
Next week still have Audit test and Taxation Test,
But still very Hyper after the test ,
a bit sot sot dei~
look like a crazy woman XD
Laughing all the way to dinner and back home XD
This called Over Stress haha XD