22 February, 2010

Visit Friends during CNY

Went to Yu tian , Lucas, Tong Keat , Sok Yue and Kah Kit House from the morning till night,
Take the Ang Pau , then give some wishes,
Play Chor Dai Di and Blackjack~~
Eat the CNY cookies and drinks ~~

In the evening , we was invited to Tzyy Ying's Open House ,
I like her house interior design ^.^
For the first time , i was trying out Beer

Went to Siew sin and Brian & Tiffany House ,
Lose rm20 to my Ji Mui Yong>.<
Luckily got Ang Pau Money can Cover Back XD
went BBQ Plaza for dinner ~~

Watch Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief wit Jolyn and Jane
Bought 3 Pairs of Freshlook Colour Contact Lens !!
But look a little bit blur after i try it out ,
hope can get use to it soon ^.^

Went to Wan Joe House from 9.30pm until midnight !!
Listen him chui shui(吹水) all the night ~~

Next round we was planning to watch movie ,
but in the end my mum catch me bac home T.T

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