22 February, 2010

CAT T3,T4,T5,T6 Results!!!

Yes!!!Thanks God for letting me PASS all the papers ,
Especially T5!!

Besides , I also wan to thanks to those who help me before in my studies like :
-My Family whose giving me supports all the time ~~
-Lecturer : Ms.Wong , Mr.Jana , Ms.Grace and Ms.Teh ~~
-My Classmates : Jessica , Pei shan , siew sin , yong and more ~~
-My Senior - Hong leong for lending me the Mindmaps and Jay Han who found my Textbook >.<

Feel Upset for my Friends ,
Hope that we can still remain together in the same class,
thats what i hope T.T
I pray for my results will not change by the ACCA official@.@

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