11 February, 2010

Sing K in Neway

KK and Yu tian came to fetch me in the morning at 11 something ,
I was overslept ~~
They make thousands of calls and sms also cant wake me up ,
I really Lazy like pig =.=

Dav and GX was already in Neway singing ~~
Then only we joined in XD
Tian bring her Canon camera take pic for us ,
but i found out i got some pic very yong sui ,
thats why i block my face when taking the pic haha XD
I tried to sing louder but still cant heard my sound ,
next time i am going to try harder !! Maybe going to shout!!

After the Sing K session finish ,
We went out to buy tickets for The Spy Next Door ,
KK and Dav 's friend came to joined us for movie ,
Her name is Kek Kek ~~ Nice to meet u oo ^.^

During Dinner time ,
Dav be the driver ,
Fetched us go Ming Tian eat eat haha~~
They were going to DOTA next round ,
But all the girls went back home haha XD
I have nice day ^.^

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