31 January, 2010


Dye my hair in Radical Hair salon yesterday ,
but not much different with the previous colour >.<
I wan light brown , but nw my hair is
not dark not light brown T.T


With random people I am QUIET , with my Friends I am CRAZY XD

23 January, 2010

Yoga & Movies

~ Last Saturday Afternoon ~
Watch Paranormal Activity with KK , David and my sis
The movie was not so scary and need some patient to watch,
Feel dizzy when watching it because its a video type of movie ....

~ Last Sunday Mo
rning ~
Finally join Yoga and found my interest on it XD
I am thankful that i wasn't alone because yk,miss ho and jolyn had joined it before me.
They also lead me the step during the Yoga class ^.^
Between , I got a thailand souvenir from my darling Kuan XD

~ Thursday Afternoon ~

Watch WooHoo with Siew sin , sean , yong , jessica and bai xue
Its a Malaysia comedy and i think Malaysia has improve its standard ...
After the movie , we went Manhattan Fish Market for Lunch XD

P.S IPink

15 January, 2010

School Re-open !

This week is the first week of my new semester!!
Happy to get back to college again thought i haven't get over with my Holiday mood yet haha >.<
Lecturer : Ms.Yu Pay Ling(T7) , Mr.Jay(T8) and Simon Kok(T9)
Actually i still cant really paying attention in the class ,
its much harder than the last sem ,
really Miss Mr.Jana a lot , especially his jokes haha
eg. Oh really? Who cares? haha
Haizz.... omg .... get dizzy when seeing the notes =.=
tell me what to do pls!!
Oh yeah forget to tell u that We got New classroom in the New Block ! hehe weee~~~

My Darling(siew sin) draw it ^^ like comic nia~~

After Class
Monday -Vampire Assistant
Wednesday - Sherlock Holmes
Thursday - Alvin and Chipmunks 2 + Liling Birthday Party

P.S Its time to Start Revision ^.^

12 January, 2010

Vampire Assistant

Watch in for the first time in Sunday and then again in Monday lur >.<
Sunday watch with Cousin and Monday watch with Ji Mui ,
Saya memang bagus la haha XD
but just wan to giv chance to sin and sean lar haha....
By the way,The movie is nice ^.^
Before becoming a half Vampire, Darren was planned to hav a life that was by the following sequence : College > JOB > Family !
But of course, its completely change after he became half vampire ..
It make me start thinking Is that my life is going to be the same ,
enter college then get a job and build a family ??
Its just not my way of life ~~
Can it be other way ?? Hmm...
But the idea become a vampire is absolutely insane ~~

09 January, 2010

Genting Trip 3 days 2 night

Date 5-7 January 2010
Venue Genting Theme Park Hotel , Theme Park Outdoor , First World
People ME , Siew sin , Pei shan , Mei shan , Tiffany , Brian, Chew yong , Chew shaun , Blonde , Chun Hau , Chun ee , Sean Tan , Kelvin ( Brian&Tiff's cousin )
Age Range 16-22 years old

This is my First trip with my Coursemate lur!! xD

08 January, 2010

Check list

Check list :
-Shopping - a bit
-Drama & Movies - a lot
-Join Yoga Class - maybe going to start on next week
-Outing with CLassmate & Ex-schoolmate - yeah !
-Improve my English - finish New Moon =.=''
-Go out for Sports - yeah jogging
-Planning for trip - Genting Class trip !
-Facebook all the time ^^ - ofcourse!

New Sem is going to start on Next Mon !! Omg !!

01 January, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Hope that in the Year 2010 , everything will be good ,
Wish all that people around me will always be Happy and Healthy ^.^
STOP global warming and Save the Earth will always be the goal for every human^.^

Last Day of 2009

My Family went to Dragonboat Restaurant eat DIM SUM for breakfast ,
This is also the reason why i wake up so early in the morning XD

So nice , yum yum yum XD

Mango Pudding for Dessert

Taking in One-U ^^ ME and sister XD