23 January, 2010

Yoga & Movies

~ Last Saturday Afternoon ~
Watch Paranormal Activity with KK , David and my sis
The movie was not so scary and need some patient to watch,
Feel dizzy when watching it because its a video type of movie ....

~ Last Sunday Mo
rning ~
Finally join Yoga and found my interest on it XD
I am thankful that i wasn't alone because yk,miss ho and jolyn had joined it before me.
They also lead me the step during the Yoga class ^.^
Between , I got a thailand souvenir from my darling Kuan XD

~ Thursday Afternoon ~

Watch WooHoo with Siew sin , sean , yong , jessica and bai xue
Its a Malaysia comedy and i think Malaysia has improve its standard ...
After the movie , we went Manhattan Fish Market for Lunch XD

P.S IPink

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