31 January, 2011

CNY preparation

 新年来临 , 家家户户都忙着办年货 。
我家也不例外 。。。

这些都是拜年的必需品 。。。

30 January, 2011

Sze Shuen Birthday Celebration

Location : TGI FRIDAY , ONE U 

This is a late post for sze shuen birthday celebration ,
she is one of my juniors from my secondary school
and also my sis best friend =)
 The birthday girl with me , 
she is pretty as always !!! she is a good ballad dancer too =)
You can easily fall in love with her by her dance and nice personalities =D
Luckily I have 2 ex-classmates were there =)
Get to know a new girl name ming wei , sweet smile she has =) 
and a weird guy u-jo !!! HAHA

24 January, 2011

New Look New Look ~~

Last week I did something to my outlook... 
First , I dyed my hair with Liese Cassie Berry !!

Second , I shape my eyebrow and went to facial !!

Third , I change my Spec !! Nerdy Spec!! hoho ~

14 January, 2011

Recent Picture

The Emergency Chocolate
 It give by jane,hui min from singapore ,
 I love this chocolate a lot because it cure my chocolate craving , lovesickness , exam pressure , mild anxious and extreme hunger !!! 
But it MELT easily >< 

PLUS 8 Restaurant @ Bandar Utama, PJ
 My dessert , forgot the name oppss ! >.<
 The dishes 
Rate : 7/10
They having promotion for the Crap!! 

We are the POSER!!!
 first take
 second take and another take for my sis!!! LOL

We bought this CNY deco from Giant !!!

12 January, 2011

My Anniversary with SiewSin

I celebrate My anniversary(Facebook) with Siew Sin on 11.1.11 ~!! 
a nice day a nice date!!!
After class , we went to T-Bowl in Sunway Pyramid for lunch !!!
But i cant finish my baked cheese rice !!! I feel so bad T.T 
I shouldn't really waste food like this !!! huhu T.T
The design concept of the restaurant was based on Toilet room ,
even their dessert look like Shit !
My childish coursemate was doing different kind of pose with their food -.- 

 Epic Fail ! He is pretending like this was his SHIT!
 actually the ice cream quite cute i think =P

seriously i hav no idea of what they are doing =.=
 look at the toothbrush !! cute sia ~ 

Our Dessert - Dragon Fruit flavor 
 Rate : 2/5
 only pic of shaun !!! He straighten his hair if u notice !!!!
 This is my Blonde Girl !!!! XD

We also went to Ampsquare to Cheong K ~
Although the service is bad , it still dint spoiled our fun!!!  
However, I will never go there anymore !!

 Who is this? yo yo this is my hip hop style!
 my girl siew sin and me

 ji mui yong & me with siew sin jacket!

08 January, 2011

Ice Skating In Sunway Pyramid


I went Ice Skating with my high schoolmates and Utar student =D
This is my first time ice skating ,
and also my first new thing I learn in 2011 !!!
It was challenging and exciting!!!
Baby I LIKE IT!!! ~ ~ ~ The way you move on the floor ~ ~ ~
But I fell down twice , My Butt and Back very pain T.T 

03 January, 2011

Party In Yu Tian House

This is a late post for the party in yu tian house on 30.12.2010 . 
It was actually her sister birthday party but we make our own gathering party in her house too =D
Of course I wont forget to bring a present for her sis since we was going for her party ,
hope she like it !!! 

Food in the Party
The cake so nice !!! 

Then we gather in tian room and playing cards .
Picture session is a MUST!  

 I forget why I laugh d =.=

 me and kuan kuan <3
two guy facing each other , what u think they gonna do? Kiss?

The party quite fun , we should make another 1 again my sisterss!!! <3

01 January, 2011


I can't believe 2010 had over just like this ,
it has passed so fast !!!
I realised I did nothing much on last year , 
but i make some new friends and got new experiences in my life !!!
The most important one is I passed my CAT last year .

However, I don't think 2010 is a good year for some ,
as many bad things had happened on that year like Haiti Earthquake , Chile Earthquake , H1N1.  
Hope the bad leave on the year of 2010 and the good remain in 2011 !!! 

The most thankful thing I would like to thank God is I still alive and able to countdown for the New Year 2011 with my loves one =)

So, What's my resolution for new year?
I wish everyone will be happy , healthy and peaceful everyday ,
Its simple but i think its the most important for us =)
Hope in this year I can pass all the papers of fundamental level papers of ACCA ,
and do more things which i never did before so that I won't regret when I am old.
This is because I realized I am getting older this year ,
I've been living on the EARTH for 20 YEARS !!!
I admit I do have some regrets in the pass 20 years ,
but I wont waste my time on blaming myself for that ,
I will only try to do my best for the present and future .

There is also some pictures I wan to share with you guys when i take during the new year =)

 My New 2011 Diary
 I went Genting with family on the first day of 2011 , 
the first drink I have in there is Hot Chocolate ~
 On the New Year Eve , I went to Pavillion and Shopping in Fahrenheit 88 ~
ignore my tummy pls ~ 

The most interesting I saw on that day is a guy giving Free Hugs on the street !!! 

So , HUGS more on the year of 2011 !! =D