01 January, 2011


I can't believe 2010 had over just like this ,
it has passed so fast !!!
I realised I did nothing much on last year , 
but i make some new friends and got new experiences in my life !!!
The most important one is I passed my CAT last year .

However, I don't think 2010 is a good year for some ,
as many bad things had happened on that year like Haiti Earthquake , Chile Earthquake , H1N1.  
Hope the bad leave on the year of 2010 and the good remain in 2011 !!! 

The most thankful thing I would like to thank God is I still alive and able to countdown for the New Year 2011 with my loves one =)

So, What's my resolution for new year?
I wish everyone will be happy , healthy and peaceful everyday ,
Its simple but i think its the most important for us =)
Hope in this year I can pass all the papers of fundamental level papers of ACCA ,
and do more things which i never did before so that I won't regret when I am old.
This is because I realized I am getting older this year ,
I've been living on the EARTH for 20 YEARS !!!
I admit I do have some regrets in the pass 20 years ,
but I wont waste my time on blaming myself for that ,
I will only try to do my best for the present and future .

There is also some pictures I wan to share with you guys when i take during the new year =)

 My New 2011 Diary
 I went Genting with family on the first day of 2011 , 
the first drink I have in there is Hot Chocolate ~
 On the New Year Eve , I went to Pavillion and Shopping in Fahrenheit 88 ~
ignore my tummy pls ~ 

The most interesting I saw on that day is a guy giving Free Hugs on the street !!! 

So , HUGS more on the year of 2011 !! =D

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