12 January, 2011

My Anniversary with SiewSin

I celebrate My anniversary(Facebook) with Siew Sin on 11.1.11 ~!! 
a nice day a nice date!!!
After class , we went to T-Bowl in Sunway Pyramid for lunch !!!
But i cant finish my baked cheese rice !!! I feel so bad T.T 
I shouldn't really waste food like this !!! huhu T.T
The design concept of the restaurant was based on Toilet room ,
even their dessert look like Shit !
My childish coursemate was doing different kind of pose with their food -.- 

 Epic Fail ! He is pretending like this was his SHIT!
 actually the ice cream quite cute i think =P

seriously i hav no idea of what they are doing =.=
 look at the toothbrush !! cute sia ~ 

Our Dessert - Dragon Fruit flavor 
 Rate : 2/5
 only pic of shaun !!! He straighten his hair if u notice !!!!
 This is my Blonde Girl !!!! XD

We also went to Ampsquare to Cheong K ~
Although the service is bad , it still dint spoiled our fun!!!  
However, I will never go there anymore !!

 Who is this? yo yo this is my hip hop style!
 my girl siew sin and me

 ji mui yong & me with siew sin jacket!

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