29 December, 2010

jimui jimui outing!!!

 This Monday I went to Midvalley with my ji mui

Although christmas is already over , I still like the christmas deco in there ~ 

We went to Sushi Zanmai for lunch at 3pm which supposed to be more earlier but we find parking for
 like 1 hour !!!

 Heart key chain gave by Suk ling from Malacca ♥ 
ji mui picsss ♥
 me and siew sin ~ we are so pink!
Late Present for Suk ling and Siew Sin birthday

25 December, 2010

Ho Ho Ho ~ Merry Christmas !!!

Nothing special for my Christmas ,
just went to Time Square with family for shopping!! =D

CAMWHORE in the car !! 
Time Square Christmas Deco

Bought some skincare and cosmetics from Nature Republic ,
first time trying their products , hope it is good .
The korean singer and actor Rain promote for this brand .

 Then we went to Thai Garden Village for dinner in Kepong .
 This is my sister look not so happy with her hungry stomach LOL

The Seafood Tom Yam Soup super spicy laaaaaaa !!!
Overall its not bad , it would be good if the tom yam soup can be less spicier .
Rate : 3/5 
 Alright , it is 2.30am now , 
i don't know why i rather use my sleeping time to blog . 
time to sleep , nightzzzzzzz!!! 

24 December, 2010

Winter Solstice Festival

 22th of December

Winter Solstice Festival - 冬至节日,
is a traditional celebration for the chinese during the arrival of winter ,
 for some this festival is even more important than the chinese new year ,
 because this day is the day that all the family member will have a gathering and have a reunion dinner which is also known as the 团员饭 .

The main food for this festival is tang yuen ,
湯圓 ( glutinuous rice balls ), 
which symbolize reunion .

In my house ,
my mum in charge for the dinner and my & sis job was making the tang yuen.
Some might add black sesame , red bean paste , creamy peanut etc .
But i still like the plain tang yuen in a sweet soup .
So every year we still follow the most origin tradition way of cooking the tang yuen .

So i guess everyone of you had a great day on this festival too right?
It is Christmas now and i will update the post about it soon =)
Wish u all have a very happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas !!!

19 December, 2010

Special Night

That night supposed to be the night that i went for the NTV7 concert , 
but my plan changed suddenly due to some reason , 
make me upset and down ...

Instead going to the concert , 
I went to another place call Sunway Giza ,
There was having a live Astro Battleground Dance Competition , 
I saw many Astro emcee and the dancer .
I only watched the competition on their first round.
Dynamik dancer has a nice dance i think =)

After that , 
I followed my parent went to a restaurant called 天香回味, 
its a Chinese Herbal Steamboat Restaurant came from Taiwan.
From their website description
the steamboat soup made from 60 kind of chinese herbal and its healthy for human !

We went into the VIP room because we was invited by my dad's friend ,
I saw many many bottle of liquor on the table ,
but I only drink the red wine .

Between ,
Guess who we saw? 
They are the new drama <女王不下班> actor!
Then we take this great opportunity to take pictures with them ,
LEFT: Taiwan Actor 修杰楷 , RIGHT : Malaysia singer and actor Nicholas Teo 张栋梁 !
They look exactly the same like they are in the TV !

Luckily i didn't go to the concert wakakaka!!

Siew Sin's Birthday

So many people around me having their birthday on December ,
so good that their birthday is on holidays ,
can celebrate with many people they !! 

the super blond girl ,
got her birthday on 17th December  !

So , we gave her some little surprise .
When i just came back home , 
suddenly received a call from chew yong yong ,
he told me we got to go siew sin house and so we did. 
Of course she got our TRAP !!!
I saw her almost crying muahahahahaha xD

~ About me and her ~
This girl already in a relationship with me in FACEBOOK for sometime , 
dont know how many lao gong and lao po she want ,
she is such a greedy cat  >.<

In addition , 
She always say me 'xiao xiao li' , 
sometime really don't know what respond should i gave her >.<
But no worries ,
i think this will be part of my good memory for my college life =)

However , after the results , thing changed .
Just Hope we have the chance to be in the same class again , 
really miss the time when we all are in the same class  &
always go pyramid for movies, for sushi, for shopping together after class.
~ Our Memory ~
 At the beginning of our foundation course in CAT
the image she give me is a very lala type .
But after know her for sometime ,
 she is actually a good girl and never club before ~

Then my hair getting curly and colored and her hair getting blond xD
I think i got influenced by her too much xD

We tried the same clothes on the Fitting Room .

Hope there will be no ending for our pictures !
Although we can't be in the same class together , 
as long as we keep contact and hang out , 
our friendship can last forever ♥

Sok Yue's Birthday


5C gathering and Sok Yue's Birthday Celebration

We watched 2 movies on that day, 
which is NARNIA:The Voyage and The Dawn Treader and TRON LEGACY
Narnia was not bad , 
 but I still like the first movie of narnia, the magical wardrobe ,
for their book 'magician's nephew' is my favorite ... 
hope when the movie come out they will give us some surprise =)

Tron Legacy was not bad too ,
i agreed with some people that the movie was given too high rating ,
because the storyline was easy to guess ...
I actually like the visual effect and the character outfit =)

Its actually our class gathering on that day ,
but the day before the gathering ,
my friend had suggested an idea for giving a surprise birthday party to sok yue ,
so after the movie , 
we went to get a GREEN TEA CAKE in TOAST BOX.

We choose CHATTERBOX for dinner ,
sok yue only joined us for the dinner ,
she came along with her friend from Taylor , 
so she didn't know our plan .

However , 
the plan was destroyed by the waitress ,
she was so dumb and didn't know that she has to take out the cake until i reminded her .
This make sok yue realised what was actually happened , 
luckily she dont mind about it . 

Anyway , 
We still have a great singing birthday song session and everybody seems to enjoy the cake =)

 Pictures of the day
group picture!

 the birthday girl

 One Utama Christmas Decoration

♥♥♥ Cam whore with my sister ♥♥♥

16 December, 2010

The beginning of my semester break

My 'after exam' Celebration in Sunway Giza

 everywhere is xmas deco and xmas trees
 so i guess u all have a plan for xmas ya? but not me..
somehow I feel like making a xmas party ~

 I went OVERTIME , a lounge with my course-mate for celebration
 I was having a cocktails call ILLUSION , 
but i forgot whats inside ,
i only remember it taste like a fruit juice , no alcohol feel =.=

 Outing Outing !!
 I attend the 'sis and bro outing' organized by my secondary schoolmate
I only found this picture in facebook ,
how frustrating while i am blogging hmmm ... 
 Kindly introduce you all my secondary schoolmate, LEE YU TIAN aka TINKAI!
same class with her since form 1 until form 5 ~

 Korean House, SS2 PJ
its located at the street after the SS2 police station ,
so its very safe to eat there LOL

sis and me
 Dad busy looking at the menu , 
mummy dont let me take her pic ,
look how bad she was X)
so dont blame me doing this next time when u take my picture ,
because i was just learning from my mum hehe 

 yea i know i was too boring while waiting for the food ,
so I was trying to make my eyes as small as possible to make me look like a korean there X)

 I am just too bored ~.~ !! 
yeahhh just come Korea House !! 

BBQ Pork Belly
I like this so much because its PORK!
 after it cut into pieces , still yummy !!

 they have the best side dishes !! 
i almost eat half for every plate of side dishes !!
 KIMCHI is the best!

 Ginseng Chicken Soup
 my dad and sis like this very much !!

 add rice add rice !!
 I wan to gain weight muahaha xD

Sweet and Spicy Chicken
my mum prefer this more than the other two =D
everyone have different taste !

Nevertheless , I like it all!!
craving for korean food now X)

04 December, 2010

I'm Waiting . . .


For my coming final exam,

For the end of my final exam,

For my holidays,

For outings with friends,

For Christmas,

For New Year 2011,

For the next semester,

For Chinese New Year

and so on ...