19 December, 2010

Sok Yue's Birthday


5C gathering and Sok Yue's Birthday Celebration

We watched 2 movies on that day, 
which is NARNIA:The Voyage and The Dawn Treader and TRON LEGACY
Narnia was not bad , 
 but I still like the first movie of narnia, the magical wardrobe ,
for their book 'magician's nephew' is my favorite ... 
hope when the movie come out they will give us some surprise =)

Tron Legacy was not bad too ,
i agreed with some people that the movie was given too high rating ,
because the storyline was easy to guess ...
I actually like the visual effect and the character outfit =)

Its actually our class gathering on that day ,
but the day before the gathering ,
my friend had suggested an idea for giving a surprise birthday party to sok yue ,
so after the movie , 
we went to get a GREEN TEA CAKE in TOAST BOX.

We choose CHATTERBOX for dinner ,
sok yue only joined us for the dinner ,
she came along with her friend from Taylor , 
so she didn't know our plan .

However , 
the plan was destroyed by the waitress ,
she was so dumb and didn't know that she has to take out the cake until i reminded her .
This make sok yue realised what was actually happened , 
luckily she dont mind about it . 

Anyway , 
We still have a great singing birthday song session and everybody seems to enjoy the cake =)

 Pictures of the day
group picture!

 the birthday girl

 One Utama Christmas Decoration

♥♥♥ Cam whore with my sister ♥♥♥

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