24 December, 2010

Winter Solstice Festival

 22th of December

Winter Solstice Festival - 冬至节日,
is a traditional celebration for the chinese during the arrival of winter ,
 for some this festival is even more important than the chinese new year ,
 because this day is the day that all the family member will have a gathering and have a reunion dinner which is also known as the 团员饭 .

The main food for this festival is tang yuen ,
湯圓 ( glutinuous rice balls ), 
which symbolize reunion .

In my house ,
my mum in charge for the dinner and my & sis job was making the tang yuen.
Some might add black sesame , red bean paste , creamy peanut etc .
But i still like the plain tang yuen in a sweet soup .
So every year we still follow the most origin tradition way of cooking the tang yuen .

So i guess everyone of you had a great day on this festival too right?
It is Christmas now and i will update the post about it soon =)
Wish u all have a very happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas !!!

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