19 December, 2010

Siew Sin's Birthday

So many people around me having their birthday on December ,
so good that their birthday is on holidays ,
can celebrate with many people they !! 

the super blond girl ,
got her birthday on 17th December  !

So , we gave her some little surprise .
When i just came back home , 
suddenly received a call from chew yong yong ,
he told me we got to go siew sin house and so we did. 
Of course she got our TRAP !!!
I saw her almost crying muahahahahaha xD

~ About me and her ~
This girl already in a relationship with me in FACEBOOK for sometime , 
dont know how many lao gong and lao po she want ,
she is such a greedy cat  >.<

In addition , 
She always say me 'xiao xiao li' , 
sometime really don't know what respond should i gave her >.<
But no worries ,
i think this will be part of my good memory for my college life =)

However , after the results , thing changed .
Just Hope we have the chance to be in the same class again , 
really miss the time when we all are in the same class  &
always go pyramid for movies, for sushi, for shopping together after class.
~ Our Memory ~
 At the beginning of our foundation course in CAT
the image she give me is a very lala type .
But after know her for sometime ,
 she is actually a good girl and never club before ~

Then my hair getting curly and colored and her hair getting blond xD
I think i got influenced by her too much xD

We tried the same clothes on the Fitting Room .

Hope there will be no ending for our pictures !
Although we can't be in the same class together , 
as long as we keep contact and hang out , 
our friendship can last forever ♥

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