19 December, 2010

Special Night

That night supposed to be the night that i went for the NTV7 concert , 
but my plan changed suddenly due to some reason , 
make me upset and down ...

Instead going to the concert , 
I went to another place call Sunway Giza ,
There was having a live Astro Battleground Dance Competition , 
I saw many Astro emcee and the dancer .
I only watched the competition on their first round.
Dynamik dancer has a nice dance i think =)

After that , 
I followed my parent went to a restaurant called 天香回味, 
its a Chinese Herbal Steamboat Restaurant came from Taiwan.
From their website description
the steamboat soup made from 60 kind of chinese herbal and its healthy for human !

We went into the VIP room because we was invited by my dad's friend ,
I saw many many bottle of liquor on the table ,
but I only drink the red wine .

Between ,
Guess who we saw? 
They are the new drama <女王不下班> actor!
Then we take this great opportunity to take pictures with them ,
LEFT: Taiwan Actor 修杰楷 , RIGHT : Malaysia singer and actor Nicholas Teo 张栋梁 !
They look exactly the same like they are in the TV !

Luckily i didn't go to the concert wakakaka!!

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