16 December, 2010

The beginning of my semester break

My 'after exam' Celebration in Sunway Giza

 everywhere is xmas deco and xmas trees
 so i guess u all have a plan for xmas ya? but not me..
somehow I feel like making a xmas party ~

 I went OVERTIME , a lounge with my course-mate for celebration
 I was having a cocktails call ILLUSION , 
but i forgot whats inside ,
i only remember it taste like a fruit juice , no alcohol feel =.=

 Outing Outing !!
 I attend the 'sis and bro outing' organized by my secondary schoolmate
I only found this picture in facebook ,
how frustrating while i am blogging hmmm ... 
 Kindly introduce you all my secondary schoolmate, LEE YU TIAN aka TINKAI!
same class with her since form 1 until form 5 ~

 Korean House, SS2 PJ
its located at the street after the SS2 police station ,
so its very safe to eat there LOL

sis and me
 Dad busy looking at the menu , 
mummy dont let me take her pic ,
look how bad she was X)
so dont blame me doing this next time when u take my picture ,
because i was just learning from my mum hehe 

 yea i know i was too boring while waiting for the food ,
so I was trying to make my eyes as small as possible to make me look like a korean there X)

 I am just too bored ~.~ !! 
yeahhh just come Korea House !! 

BBQ Pork Belly
I like this so much because its PORK!
 after it cut into pieces , still yummy !!

 they have the best side dishes !! 
i almost eat half for every plate of side dishes !!
 KIMCHI is the best!

 Ginseng Chicken Soup
 my dad and sis like this very much !!

 add rice add rice !!
 I wan to gain weight muahaha xD

Sweet and Spicy Chicken
my mum prefer this more than the other two =D
everyone have different taste !

Nevertheless , I like it all!!
craving for korean food now X)

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