23 May, 2010

KK farewell BBQ party

3 years ++ of friend ~~
My ''short short'' Kah Kit finally going to leave us to Kampar for study~~
Hope he can come back alive haha XD
All the best to his study and kau lui plan haha~~
Bye Bye~~

~ BU3 vs UTAR ~

All of this pic got bu3 feel ~~

20 May, 2010

Last Day for CAT


The picture we take with Mr.Simon with my dearly ji mui~~ XD
Hope we can pass all my papers in the final exam ~~

09 May, 2010

I love you Mummy ! ♥♥

Hmm ~~
Firstly , I wan to wish all the Mums in this world Happy Mothers Day!
What did I do for my Mum ?
Its embarrassing to showed it up cuz i realized there is so many nicer card people posted in FB!
Mine was like quite childish !
No matter what i Hope Mummy U like it Muacks !
the content are more important inside

After Dinner ,
we went to Sunway Giza OVERTIME Lounge for drinks!
I ordered a Lychee liquor >.<
Its taste sweet and only a bit hotly after it goes into my stomach~
the best thing is i dint get dizzy haha ~~
Sis only can drink Orange juice , wakaka ~~ SMALL KID!!
I am Grown Up wakaka!!

From Left: Bloody Mary Cocktail , Lychee liquor , Orange Juice ! xD

Crave for Durians

Omg~~ Yesterday was like keep thinking for DURIAN for the whole day
At last got a durian flavor of donuts to satisfied myself ,
Durian is totally prohibited in my house ,
Mummy hate the smell!!
Luckily yesterday was not mother day haha~~ xD

~snow white , durian flavor , Choco Loco~

Finally i make use to it of the present from KK =.=

It is so small , can only use in house because need to keep refill ~ Haizz
No heart KK!!

07 May, 2010

Broga Hill

2 . 5 . 2010
First time to Broga Hill ~~~
It wouldn't success if it is not my birthday on the day i ask for permission ~~
so yeah! finally i make my step to it~~
woke up at 3 to get ready and 3.45 to gather at tian house ,
it was sleepy all the way~~
reach there at 5 something while the moon was still up on the sky~~
omg torch light is the most important thing for that moment~~
reach the 3rd peak point at 6 something ,
it was windy around and nice scenery to watch up there ,
glad that i was there ! XD

02 May, 2010

My Birthday XD

Celebrating it with Kah kit , tian , david , guang xiang and the Utarians~
still remember last year i was celebrating my birthday with the 5 Cekap on the same date ,
but this year only left 3 who from 5C celebrate with me >.<
time flies~~

I dont know why i dint take pic with Guang Xiang,Yee Kuan and Tian in Neway ,
Damn Regret now T.T

Then claim this free 奶茶 in Wong Kok Restaurant
Watch 叶问2 on that day ~~ Nice!!

Watch IronMan 2 with Pi Han , Kelly and Yee Kuan ~~
Its a nice movie too ~~
Meet up with the Ex-bu3 after the movie ~
Thanks to sok yue , wai yi & tzyy ying for the presents !!

During Dinner Time ,
I went Saisaki with my Family,
the standard of foods drop compared to last time ,
i think it will be no second time anymore >.<

Thanks to Jolyn for her homemade chocolate Muffin for my presents !!

thank you all for the presents !! XD XD
4 . 5 . 2010

CAT Group 3 classmates gave me and both chuns a birthday surprise!
My birthday was on 1st May and both chuns was on 2nd of May ~
I am older LOLs!