09 May, 2010

I love you Mummy ! ♥♥

Hmm ~~
Firstly , I wan to wish all the Mums in this world Happy Mothers Day!
What did I do for my Mum ?
Its embarrassing to showed it up cuz i realized there is so many nicer card people posted in FB!
Mine was like quite childish !
No matter what i Hope Mummy U like it Muacks !
the content are more important inside

After Dinner ,
we went to Sunway Giza OVERTIME Lounge for drinks!
I ordered a Lychee liquor >.<
Its taste sweet and only a bit hotly after it goes into my stomach~
the best thing is i dint get dizzy haha ~~
Sis only can drink Orange juice , wakaka ~~ SMALL KID!!
I am Grown Up wakaka!!

From Left: Bloody Mary Cocktail , Lychee liquor , Orange Juice ! xD

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