15 January, 2010

School Re-open !

This week is the first week of my new semester!!
Happy to get back to college again thought i haven't get over with my Holiday mood yet haha >.<
Lecturer : Ms.Yu Pay Ling(T7) , Mr.Jay(T8) and Simon Kok(T9)
Actually i still cant really paying attention in the class ,
its much harder than the last sem ,
really Miss Mr.Jana a lot , especially his jokes haha
eg. Oh really? Who cares? haha
Haizz.... omg .... get dizzy when seeing the notes =.=
tell me what to do pls!!
Oh yeah forget to tell u that We got New classroom in the New Block ! hehe weee~~~

My Darling(siew sin) draw it ^^ like comic nia~~

After Class
Monday -Vampire Assistant
Wednesday - Sherlock Holmes
Thursday - Alvin and Chipmunks 2 + Liling Birthday Party

P.S Its time to Start Revision ^.^

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