21 July, 2010



Rate : 9/10

Its the best movie of the year !!
I really got impressive by the writer for this movie =)
The 1 i din't give was because of the ending ,
the top just stayed spinning in the end ,
means he was still in the dream ??
thought it doesnt matter to him anymore cause he just want to be with his children in whatever place he can be with them ,
but the children can never see their father in reality again , sad ~

Perhaps, i can try to invade ppl's dream and steal their secrets ,
even try to make an inception xD
I need an architecture !! people who interested pls contact me xD


Before the movie , I went to CANTON-I with friends for my lunch ~
I like the egg tarts and the flower teas ~~

the wan tan mee not so good >.<

egg tart super like it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Flower teas for me and siew sin =)

CYY's dessert ~~

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